Sunday, December 2, 2012

Do you see a change in the U.S Prison system coming anytime soon? Thank-you.

7:10 PM - The image in my mind is a bunch of prisoners, they are outside, and they are all congregated towards the fence line, and the prisoners actually look upset, like they are about ready to riot.  My first impression is that there is a high population of prisoners, like the prison is completely maxed out, and I sense that there are some budget cuts that affect the prisons and they highly affect the prisoners and I sense that they are hungry, I am getting a picture of a tray of food, like what they are eating now is not what they are used to eating.  And I just get a sense of complete unrest, to the point where the guards I do not see them interacting with the prisoners, I see them more up on high platforms viewing them that way.  But if there are more than one or two prisoners they do not even get where there could be a chance of a physical altercation.

Q-Why do the prisons become overcrowded?
A-I am seeing a picture of prison buses, and my impression is that they are closing some of the older prisons and transferring prisoners to the newer nicer prisons.  I ask the question in my head "if there were going to be a higher number of arrests?" and nothing came through to me.  So I feel the main cause is closing the older prisons.
Q-With decriminalization of Marijuana do you see less drug related imprisonment?
A-I do not see that affecting the east as much, but out west where they are legalizing marijuana, my immediate image was that anybody there with a charge related to marijuana is going to be putting through and appeal to the public defenders, and the picture in my brain was a mom of prisoners standing behind bars and they were all rushing and putting their arms through the bars and waving these appeal papers.
Q-What do you see of prison that are affected by earth changes, example if they are to be compromised or flooded?

A-It is not coming through to me that that is going to be a big issue, the one thing that I did get was a bunch of prisoners out in the yard, and they were being contained in these huge barbwire fences as if they were waiting to be relocated to somewhere else.  And when I ask where that might be...I felt like there is some kind of a backup prison camp or place being built, but they will still be in prison, it is just a more elaborate facility.  And the word that come to me when I focused on it is "Work Camp"
Q-Do you see more prisoners being put to work in the future?
A-Maybe like the low level ones, in the picture, the work camp is becoming a little clearer, it is like I am seeing them working these ridiculously huge gardens, but they are doing it manually without the use of tractors or anything like that.   And everything is surrounded by barbed wire.
Q-How do you feel about this reading, any last impressions?
A-I will say everything came through pretty clear, I did not really get any like ah ha moments, I did really know what I was expecting.
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