Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is a thought? Does it have a physical property? Do thoughts affect the physical? Do thoughts have vibrational frequencies? Thank you!

1:13 PM  I'm first visual is of a person and they are holding their head with both hands and as they complete a thought I see it is taking a small amount of energy, then your brain processes it, and then more energy is expelled.  And as it is expelled it looks like a brain wave is being sent out of your forehead.. I'm now having an image of a person and they are receiving that brain wave and shaking "yes" as if they can understand the thought without it being spoken.  It looks like it happens instantaneously also.. As soon as the brain wave is received by the other person it is if it requires no energy to understand it.  My impression is that energy is only spent to create the thought, but once it is created it can be understood telepathically   One thing need to clarify, is that this type of thought (referring to the non-spoken transference of thought) looks like it is done by the more spiritually evolved people.... For most humans, thought occurs the way I described without the auto transference of the idea/thought.  When I think about thoughts affecting the physical I see it as more a negative or positive attitude with the thought... I see putting negative thoughts out and in return you will see more negativity.. The same works with the positive.. I also see the negative and positive thoughts regardless the nature seem to affect the individual creating the thought even more than the thought effecting anything environmental or around them.. It's like it effects the body first and then moves outward.  To answer the last part of the question..I do see a vibrational frequency to thought... As I see the brainwave leave the mind the wave does leave in pulses which I interpret to be vibrations.. I'm seeing negative thoughts having faster pulses than the positive thoughts.. It's like the positive thoughts have a beauty in they are flowing in a harmony.  And that''s really all that I see... 

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