Sunday, November 25, 2012

thank u 4 ur information, ur amazing.. i live 4 hrs above San Francisco on the coast in Shelter Cove. i have 3 places i could possibly move to soon. Flathead lake, Montana Salmon Creek-Redway California Murphys, ca. in the sierra Mts. my date of birth is 6/29/58 @11;21am name kymberle wright thank u and ur husband for helping us

9:00 PM - As soon as I read that question immediately I felt Montana is going to be your safest place, I see a lot of trees more particularly pine trees, and I get a sense that hunting would be plentiful in that area.  I am also seeing that there is not a dense population there.  It just feels like a more safe and secure area to be in...I see a white home that looks like it is two stories and it is situated on some wooded land, I feel like this is your house and I can even see a little to medium sized dog running around outside, and it is barking at those dandelion puffs that fly through the air.  And I get a sense that you are content and happy at that location.  That is really all I see.

Q-Is this her current home, or future home.
A-I feel it is in the future, and I feel like when they find this home they know it is where they will want to settle, it will just have a sense of completeness to it.  I see it as slightly older viewed as a fixer upper, but she actually likes that, rather than it being brand new.  It is like she has an appreciation for things that are older.  And I think it might have a spigot or hand pump for a well on the outside and she will think that that is really cool.  Thats it.
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