Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mike Lee....Hi I stay in Singapore and various sources predicted that Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam will sink in the upcoming pole shift. Could you be very kind to help us to focus in this region to advise if we need to migrate before the disaster hits?If yes, where shall we go??? Thank you so much for helping billions in Asia. Bless you.

9:08 PM - After looking at a map, I feel like the more north you go the safer you are.  I feel like the central part of Malaysia is the safest area to be in.  I feel like the coastlines of Malaysia will be flooded, and the water might go in a couple hundred feet.  The visual I am getting is, like I am looking at the ground level of the whole area, and the central portion of Malaysia just seems higher to me.  And I see a lot of people congregating to that area in the middle of the country.  I am also see a lot of people just carrying baskets of whatever they can, but I sense that there were warnings that people ignored and the people thought the could wait out what was happening and those are the people that are only able to gather a few items before they leave their homes.  Along the coast, the houses that are there, looks like a lot of one story buildings and at the highest point it looks like water reaches about a foot below the windows, and then it seems like it recedes over a month or so, and then people are able to go back to their homes to salvage what they can, but even when they are doing that the water is still higher because I can see their feet slopping and it is like over their feet and at their ankles.  But people just want to try to retrieve what they can.  That is kinda all I can see.
Q-Is there any tsunami threat?
A-No I do not see it as a tsunami, and I do not see it like a hurricane, I see it more as some very violent storms, but not to the degree that it is classified as a hurricane and I see that warnings go out and people are bull headed to believe it, and I see that the people that try to stay are the older people and the younger people actually do take the advice and head toward the central part of Malaysia.  I am also getting a sound in my head, that sounds like some kind of grumbling in the earth, it is not thunder from the sky, but in the ground, and I am asking if it is earthquakes, and I am getting that you will feel mild earthquakes, but it is more the result of some kind of volcanic activity around you, but the volcano is really far away and you will just be feeling the shocks in the ground from the volcanic activity.

Q-How long do they have to prepare from now.
A-I am getting spring, but spring to me means March or April of 2013. (timeline)
Q-Anything else, How did you feel about this reading?
A-I felt good about the accuracy, but I sometimes feel a little kinda gloom too.  Because I hate to see anything bad happen to anybody or see anybody displaced out of their home.  It just kind of left me with a negative feeling.
Q-Focus on some positive things around this time, what do you see.
A-I see people being brought together, I see strangers kind of uniting with other strangers and developing amazing close bonds like they were family.  And I see people like unplugging from their electronics and having face to face interactions.  And people out of necessity might do some physical labor that they did not even realize that they could do and build a lot of self confidence.
9:25 PM - Sorry Audio Did not Record

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chynchyn said...

I live in malaysia. thank you for your information. My dad just dreamt of flooding, he seldom does. But I would like to ask, does the water comes in a hundred feet from the coastline or raises higher up by hundred feet? does it only affect coastline or the city as well. I stay in Johor Bahru. Could you advise if it is necessary for us to leave. And my sisters live in Singapore, does it affects Singapore much?