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I would like to know about a place called "mystery Babylon" I don't know whether or not the holy bible has been seriously altered in ways to manipulate humanity, that is my impression however I could be wrong. At the end of the bible a section called revelations mentions a place called "mystery Babylon", I would like you to speak on whether it is a fictional place or a place in existence today that people are unaware of.

9:09 PM - As I read that question I am immediately drawn to a location north of the Mediterranean sea and I think it is place that used to exist that does not exist now, and it was a place that people went to that was viewed as exotic.  I see people wearing togas, I see the women with dark curly hair, but not because their hair is naturally curly, they dressed themselves up to look nice.  And their was something significant about their skin, they grew some kind of plant their that looked like an aloe plant.  And they would take that juice out of the plant and rub it all over their skin, and it served as a moisturizer and it had a sheen about it.  Most of the people that lived their did laborious jobs.  And they actually worked for the outsiders that would come into that area.   It feels more like a pit stop that people would stop by during their travels.  And it looks clean and they had a couple of fountains in the center of town for the people that live there and the people that traveled through to get clean drinking water.   That is kind of all I am seeing.

Q-What happened to this place?
A-I feel like it is underwater..I think it was located close to water like the town part of it had a lot of sandiness to it, but the other parts were lush and green.  It feels as though it was flooded out.
Q-Was it place spiritual worship?
A-Spiritual YES, but religious NO.  It was more a place of meditation and higher thinking.
Q-What happened to descendants if there were any?
A-I feel like this area is somewhere that people knew of, they would visit or they would travel through it, but it does not look as somewhere where people would put their roots and actually live there so I do not think there are descendants of that specific area.
Q-Like tourist resort?
A-Ya, but I would not call it is tourist resort it is more of a just like a beautiful and exotic place that people would go but tourist feel cheap to me.  It feel like more than that.
Q-Do you get anything on why it is reference in the revelations?
A-It is coming to me that being a place of spiritual awakening and embracing higher level thought, and along with that I kinda feel like it was a sexual awakening too, as if the two being correlated with your physical body in conjunction with your spiritual mind.  So with people evolving physically and mentally it feels like it would be threat on the church because  it was not a place of religion but was much deeper than that.  The church felt like it was a place of sin because people did not practice from the bible, but rather from within themselves.
Q-Was this place destroyed by god?
A-No I do not see it that way at all, there was a flood but I feel like it flooded all that area around that body of water, like the whole perimeter around the body of water grew larger.  It was not just specific to that spot.
Q-How many were there on an average day.
A-I am seeing between 5000-7000.
Q-Is it multicultural?
A-Actually I see everyone fairly the same, dark hair and kind of olive skin.  So for the most part I would have to say within the same culture.
Q-What is your impression of this reading?
A-I feel pretty good, the images came through pretty strong, I am curious to see what this place really was.  I had never really thought about it or heard about it, so it was pretty cool.
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