Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hi you have talked a lot about earth changes but have not mentioned New Zealand,Christchurch has been plagued with earthquakes for the last two years,this is my hometown and i am very worried about this area! please can you tell me what changes you see there particularly ChCh?

8:35 PM - I do see a lot of earthquakes, I do not see them as disastrous but more of a nuisance, I can see pictures falling off the wall, things falling off of book cases but I do not see it as destroying the structures around you.  In some weird way I think you will kind of get used to it.  I feel like this will be short lived thing that you will have to deal with, I am getting the month June as if you can deal with the nuisance until June it will start to resolve itself.  I think you may have to deal with boiling your water.  I am getting an image of someone boiling water.  I am also seeing a lot of like smoke in the air, I think will have a volcano threaten to go off but it won't really happen and when this smoking is happening it smells really strange, like has a metallic smell to it, I can almost taste it in my mouth.  And I think that will happen toward the beginning of the year, and that smoke and that smell might last for 3 to 4 weeks.  And that is kind of all I am getting.

Q-What will New Zealand be like say 3 years from now.  Will it still exist, be underwater, have grown?
A-I actually see an image of a grassy pasture with goats in it.  It kind of feels like countryside like to me.  Like kind of simple and old fashioned.
Q-Can you zoom out and tell me what you see.
A-It looks like the most northern part and the southern part are underwater, but the central part of the country looks like it is fine and thriving.
Q-How will it fair during this "Mega Quake" that is felt around the world that your referenced in previous readings.
A-I feel it will be OK, it will be viewed as one of those nuisance earthquakes that they feel and I do not even feel that they will see it as any more significant that what they are already going through.
Q-Any advise for New Zealanders?
A-I see the main issue being water, even more than food.  If they could store water I see that helping them in the future and that would be my best advise.
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