Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hi there, i would like to know how effective orgone is at reducing wi-fi rays, etc and does it have an effect on diverting chemtrails. If not, what is the best method of diverting chemtrails, especially from harming plants. thanks for your time, I appreciate what you are doing for everybody. kind regards julie

8:02 PM - When I think about orgone, I think when hold it or are near it it does something to your aura, I can envision a person and they look like they have a purplish light around them.  I feel like it increases your vibration and the increase in vibration is what repels a lot of electronic and garbage in the atmosphere from harming you.  I am also seeing people placing orgone in flowerpots and underneath their pet's beds and my impression is that it helps to boost the vibration of any living thing not just humans.  I can see that it would help plants, if you have a very large crop I feel that placing orgone around it would help but in my mind I am seeing that you would need a lot of it and have it placed close together like every five to six feet.  So the quantity and also I feel like you cannot bury it very deep, like six inches or less is what is in my mind.  So between the quantity and the depth, that seems like the obstacle, but, it would be effective.

Q-How do you see orgone in relationship to electromagnetic waves, like microwaves ovens, radio waves, wifi, etc.
A-The way it plays out is that it increases your vibration to where it forms an invisible shield around the living thing that is using it and it is like the waves bounce off the shield rather than going through the living thing.
Q-So it does nothing to transform it, just protects or forms a bubble around it?
Q-Does it affect chemtrails? Or what is the best method to divert chemtrail in order to protect plants.
A-I do see orgone but it is also somewhat labor intensive depending on the size of what you are trying to protect.  There is something magnetic about chemtrails and that is why orgone works.
Q-Have you ever used orgone?
A-I use it all the time, I use it when I do most of my readings, and I sleep with it beside me at night.
Q-Do you feel it helps you and how.
A-I feel like it boosts my psychic ability when I use it.
Q-Can you give more information on your experience with it.
A-Well the first time I used it I was at a class and we were practicing psychometry.  I was holding a piece of orgone and it belonged to someone else, but that was the item that I received blindly to perform a reading on.  As soon as I held it I immediately noticed that it got really hot and then I had one of the most vivid readings and it was very memorable.  I connected with this person's grandmother that had passed away, I felt like I connected to this person spiritually and I knew exactly where they were in life.  It was very powerful.

Picture of some orgonite that my husband has made.

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Charlotte said...

Fascinating reading. How did your husband make those orgonite pyramids? I'm trying to figure out what he put in the resin.

Psychic Focus said...

He used different metal BB's to do it. They are quite awesome.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Orgone/Orgonite is good stuff. I made some TB's plus a pyramid. I have everywhere in my house. Henriett