Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can anything travel faster than the speed of light? Does light, photons have a medium of travel? Does a black hole create a rip in space and time?

8:45 PM - Ok...The word that came to mind is thoughts, like mental energy or mental connections are instant..But as far as a physical tangible thing that you experience or can see I do not see anything traveling faster than the speed of light.

Q-Does light, photons have a medium of travel?  
A-I am envisioning what I think is a light photon and magnified it looks like a air bubble with this center core being so bright that it almost looks white, and as I see that photon travel I see it just traveling through space without having a specific medium to travel in.  It looks as if it gets it's energy and speed and power from that white light in it's center core.  And that is how it goes from point A to point B.
Q-Does a black hole create a rip in space and time? 
A-Hmm.. Let me focus on a black hole..A black hole DOES feel like a rip in space.  I feel like it is a portal to a new either dimension or place in time.  I do not feel like viewing it, a black hole, is a rip in time.  But I feel like if you were to go through it you would have a completely different experience, that it would take you somewhere completely foreign and it feels like a combination of whirlpool and a like a vacuum.  I feel like if you get too close you have no choice but to go through it.  You can ask me questions now.
Q-Does light contain knowledge?
A-I do not necessarily see it as knowledge but it looks like an incredible amount of energy, and that energy is held in that white core within the photon.
Q-Can you go further on the speed of thought?
A-Well when I first ask myself if anything was faster than the speed of light, my mind came up with the word thought.  So i focused on that and it just came to me that thoughts were instant and then I got an image of how some aliens communicate through thought and it is like instantly as they had something that they wanted to communicate, you knew immediately what that was.  It was an interconnectedness mentally.

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Thank you for reading. fascinating! In quantum mechanics particles that are entangled together, have the same spin, they transmit information simultaneously, if one particle spin is changed the other is changed instantaneously regardless of distance, this phenomenon is known as entanglement.