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What is God? When was the universe created? What were the original races, human or extraterrestrial? Thank you

7:55 PM - I think the easiest way to do this is to break the questions down.
Q-What is god?
A-The easiest way to describe god is to think of a huge ball of energy and knowledge, and god is like the master that holds this energy and knowledge, or better yet God is the name OF that energy and knowledge.  And every living being also has a piece of that energy and knowledge within them, and when you spiritually ta in to that knowledge base that is what allows you to psychically see things that are not in front of you.  That would be my best explanation of what god is.

Q-When was the universe created?
A-I am getting two things with that answer, when I focus on the universe, I see it as infinitely old, like on a timeline I tried to look back and get a date, and my mind is saying NO it is older, and then I focused on another time and said to myself it it a billion years old, and my mind said no older.  So I feel like it is infinitely old, like the universe has always been there.  Now the solar system which is the second part of what I saw, I saw within the universe, and explosion happen which created the birth of our current solar system, and I keep getting a number of 6 million years old, for our current solar system.
Q-What were the original races, human or extraterrestrial? 
A-I have answered a similar question to this before, but I still want to refocus and make sure I come up with what feels like the right answer.  I do see the races being human, however, it looks as if when one set started it was 100% human and grew through the evolution process.  But then another set of human race was started and it actually contained alien DNA.  So they were all human, but some had different DNA.  And through time they have all evolved and interbred.

Q-Was the universe created by god, or is it god?
A-I feel like the universe and all the knowledge within it, is god.  And I still feel like it always was there, that it was not created from anything.
Q-Why if the solar system is only 6 million years old, do we believe earth and our planets to be much older?
A-I do not know, that was just the number that was given to me.
Q-Is our dating methods flawed?
A-....I do not know, I keep getting that again and it is not clarifying it.  I was even asking if it were earth years or measured in a different type of years, and I am just not getting it.
Q-When the requestor asked what the original races were and you said human, were you referring to earth?  How to you account for all the other races have previously described?
A-I was referring to earth only.
Q-Let me rephrase their question. What was the original humanoid form or race created, not necessarily on earth?
A-I do not see anybody looking like humans that are not on earth, or people that look like us.
Q-Again to simplify.  What race is older Greys are humans?
A-Oh, Greys
Q-What races is the oldest?
A-Hmm...I keep going back to the alien council but I cannot remember what they are called, I keep seeing it but I cannot get a name.  And then I see the greys being created next, they are almost like a derivative of the type of aliens that are on the alien council.

Q-Is the order in which the races were created, the order of their spiritual evolvement.
A-Actually yes.  And humans are on the bottom of the list.
Q-Are any of these races ever confused with Angels, like the jealous ones in the biblical sense?
A-I am getting God as YES, but angels no.  People confuse alien activity with Gods, but not necessarily as angels.  Angels are more of seeing or experiencing higher spiritual activity for a moments.
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-This was a pretty cool reading, the concept of god and describing it almost gives me a completely overwhelming feeling because it is so infinitely huge.
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