Monday, October 8, 2012

Please give a reading on the highest spiritual vibration an individual can reach and a reading on how individuals and humanity can reach these levels.

7:45 PM - Alright I am going to start with the second part..The first thing I see is a person and they are surrounded by complete nothingness.  And I feel like what it is saying is that in order to achieve your maximum potential, you need to be completely isolated from distractions like sound, TV, smells, and everything.  And when you kind of deprive your senses something happens internally and it opens you up.  In addition to that there is like an internal acceptance and you release yourself to spiritual power.  In doing all of that repeatedly you will be able to excel and reach out to that pinnacle point.

Q-What is the highest spiritual vibration and individual can reach?
A-I am visioning and Indian and he is sitting on the ground meditating, and then above him there is like an enormous white ball of light, and then I see him take a breath and then it is like he inhales this light.  Then his body starts to emit a glow around him.  So I feel that what practice a person can get to where they can actually spiritually connect with the oneness of the universe and experience that.  But I feel that it is also something that you have to have a lot of life experience and also be spiritually evolved enough that you would even be allowed to see that.  I am seeing this Indian as a really elderly person and I am getting a sense that it is a privilege that only a few people can truly master and experience it.
Q-So are you saying the highest vibration is connecting with the oneness?
A-Yes, that is how it came to me.
Q-Can fasting to make this connection?
A-When I saw the person meditating, they had an absence of all their senses at that time, I do not necessarily see anything about fasting, but when that person was meditating they had no sense that were functioning around them.  It was like they were in a completely empty dark room sitting on the floor.
Q-Is this vibration what one experiences in death?
A-Hmm...Actually yes, I believe it is.
Q-Do all humans have the ability to make this connection?
A-It is being explained to me that each human is here to learn a different lesson, and not every human during that lesson is able or wanting to spiritually evolve, so it is like only a select few will even have that privilege because of what their life lesson is to learn here.  7:59 PM

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