Friday, October 19, 2012

Please explain dark matter and its function in our universe.

8:12 PM - I see it as a like a dark plasma blobs, I would compare it to what it looks like on a space shuttle when someone would have water, how it would congeal I see it floating around kind of randomly.  I am also sensing that it is electrically charged.  I am getting an image and it looks like it is charging up like a battery and then occasionally it will discharge it's static out.  Then it will just keep doing that cycle over and over again.  I am getting an image of the sun, as if the sun has something to do with this matter also.  It looks to me that it is the sun that is what is creating it's charge, and the it builds up and expels, and it looks like a little electric shock.  It looks like something in it, and I am talking on a small scale like a molecular size, almost like it has some kind of reflective quality to it..And whatever this reflective substance is, that is what is holding the energy to it.  And the image I am getting is that these little reflective molecules are to it what a chloroplast is to a leaf.

Q-What is it's function in our universe?
A-As I look at it, I do not see a function, but what I do see is that you need to take caution around it.  I am seeing things being drawn to it almost like a magnet.  And I get the feeling of danger when I think about it.  Almost like it can suck you in and swallow you up.  And as I am watching it floating around trying to determine its purpose, I just see like rocks being swallowed by it.  I had an image of a like a spacecraft being swallowed up by it, because I was trying to determine if aliens used it for some purpose.

Q-Is there any located in our solar system or galaxy?  If so where is it?
A-The first image I got was Saturn and the rings around Saturn.  So I feel like it is here but it is very far out.  And I feel like if you were in space you would not want to encounter this.
Q-Is this the same thing as Anti-matter?
A-I ask that question in my mind and it did not give me anything so I guess I need to ask what is antimatter?
Q-Antimatter is the opposite of matter, if you combine the two you get nothing.
A-Then I would say no because this has a mass to it.  When I think about this dark matter I am getting this feeling of anxiety when I am around it.  And I am getting to where I feel like it is a gateway to somewhere else, like it sucks you in like a whirlpool and shoots you somewhere else.
Q-What you describe sounds similar to a black hole.
A-Yes but this actually sucks you in and spits you out.   And I am actually seeing a whirlpool spin around and it is that same effect, you do not have the option not to go through.
Q-Does it destroy what it touches or just transport it?
A-It looks very destructive to me.  I mean there is nothing gentle about it, it is very destroying when it happens.  I am actually sitting here sweating when I am thinking about it.
Q-Could this possibly be what is referred to a wormhole or portal to another region in space time?
A-A portal yes, but it is so destructive I would not call it an effective portal.
Q-Can it be used as an energy source?
A-I see it containing it's own energy but there would be no way to harness the energy from it.
Q-What would be the outcome if our sun encountered dark matter?
A-Hmm...Here is how it played out in my mind, if the Sun hit dark matter there would first be an explosion, the dark matter would obtain a ridiculous amount of energy from the Sun and it would grow so huge and get so powerful that it would essentially suck our entire solar system up into it and completely destroy it.
Q-What is the makeup of the Universe in percentage of matter vs dark matter?
A-I seeing it as 99.5 matter and .5 percent dark matter.
Q-Will anyone discover and find actual dark matter in our lifetimes?
A-I see it being created in a lab, and being studied, I do not see it being harnessed from space.
Q-Can it be created in the large particle colliders?  Like the Large Hadron Collider?
A-Let me focus on that name and see...When I focus on that word, the image that comes to my mind is scientist in white lab coats, and they are within a lab and there is a contained room that is about 12x12 ft, and they have this substance in a beaker sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room, and then from the ceiling drops down what looks like a microscope that get about a foot away from this beaker of substance, and it starts to shoot down out of this microscope a beam of red light and I was trying to determine what it was and I got the word gamma ray, I got like some sort of artificial sunlight, and then there were sound waves being bounced around in this contained room, and a collection of all of that is how they created it.  And another important thing, when all of this started happening, they had to reduce the gravity in this room because gravity has sort of an influence on how all of those items interact, so their was a precision of reducing gravity along with all these other items and that is how they created it.
Q-Is it what refer to a the God particle?
A-The way the sequence played in my mind was, you said God particle, so I focused on that, and then the thought of "Just a spark of life" came to my mind, and then I actually did see that this matter, being in the most smallest miniscule amount, could spark life, but in a large quantity it is lethal, it is just so destructive.
Q-Is there anything you will like to tell us about it?  A-No I am good.
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Thank you for reading. Thank you for shedding some clarity on a dark topic.