Sunday, October 21, 2012

Please do a reading of the ocean sunfish also known as mola mola. Origins and intelligence.

8:40 PM - I am envisioning this bright orangish yellow fish and down the middle of it's back it has super transparent fins.  Kind of like a shark fin but not as big.  And I see the fish as being maybe 2 feet long.  Actually between 2-3 feets, so it seems bigger.  I feel like it also has some kind of a stinger on it, and I am getting this weird burning feeling in my throat like if it stings you it could kill you because it does something to your throat.

Q-What about the Origin?
A-I am conflicted because I feel like it is somehow related to shark, but has the intelligence of a dolphin, so let me break that up and focus on it.  I cannot get anything more than it is from a shark, but...  And I see a ton of coral around it.  It does have intelligence and I keep seeing a dolphin.  I feel like it is smart enough to travel like in a pack, or school...I feel like they are aggressive and they do tactical planning to get their prey.  And when you see them they have a beauty about them, but then I just see like this evil shark also...That is kinda all I am getting.
Q-How is this species?
A-I am seeing 2000, so 2000 years.
Q-Are they self aware?
A-Yes I think they are.
Q-Can they communicate with dolphins?
A-No I do not think they interact.
Q-Are they aggressive towards humans?
A-Yes, I feel like they are.
Q-Anything else?  A-So I was either on or off with that one because I drew a ton of blanks. 
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Thank you. Interesting reading.