Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My son’s name is Vlad and he is 14 year old born in 1997. He likes to create in virtual reality on video games, more inclined to virtual simulation. Would you please focus on his professional life future? I would like to know if this is what he will have to pursue, and if so does he will succeed on?

8:20 PM - I see him as a tall skinny guy with dark hair and he looks like he is like a software engineer.  I see him at a desk and he works in a cubicle, there is a lot of people his age around him.  It seems like an up and coming company, when I see where he works in my mind I think of yahoo and how they started up being like the young new thing, and I feel like this company is the same.  I see him playing video games in his spare time though, that is always a part of him.  And it looks like he also does programming for fun on the side, but I see his main job as a software programmer or developer at a really new and upcoming company.

Q-How old do you see him?
A-He looks like he is 23 or 24, early twenties, like fresh out of college when he starts this job.
Q-Where is he living?
A-I was just going to say that...I feel like he is going to be drawn to the California area, I am going to say the San Jose area.  And he looks like he is single and just having fun with his friends, I do not see him in serious relationship and he is ok with that.
Q-How is his relationship with his mother at this time?
A-I feel like they live long distance, but I see him talking to her a lot on the phone, they have a good relationship, they just do not live near each other.
Q-Can you see him further and if he is successful?
A-I kind of have an image of him in his mid thirties, and it does look like he does get pretty high up, he is in management, but it did not change him, he still clowns around with his workers.  I also feel like he is a dad by the time he is in his mid thirties, I think 2 kids.  And his wife looks like she is dark complected with dark brown hair.
Q-Is there anything else?
A-I feel pretty good about this reading.
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