Friday, October 5, 2012

My boyfriend and I have been arguing lately. For some reason we cannot see eye to eye. Will our issues be resolved or are we heading for a break up. Ashah, 11/15/80, NY NY

9:56 PM - Q - What was the date this question was asked of me?
A-October 1st.
Q-I feel like there is more going on than just the day to day fighting.  I think that she perceives him as just being kind of aloof and not being as sensitive and supportive, but in reality she is wanting a little more out of the relationship than what she has.  Whether it be get engage or...She wants more of a commitment.   And, with that being the underlying issue, it is like she is irritated with him that he does not automatically know that, and do something about it.  So as a result she is a little more critical of him and they have just been butting heads more.  And maybe if she can just take a second to think about what she really wants and then have an honest conversation with him, then they can work together.  And I am kind of getting the impression that if they did talk about it, that he may want exactly what she is wanting out of the relationship.  He has just never has really thought about it for himself.
Q-Any advice or confirmation for Ashah?
A-I am seeing a lot of shoes, as if she has some kind of a shoe fetish.  I am seeing two people arguing, and I feel she is the more dominate person, like she says things that might be irritating her, but she does not really look within to see what is REALLY irritating her.  I am getting a look on this guys face and he looks like he has sad puppy dog eyes, so I feel he really cares for her a lot and I feel like he is loyal to her.  I feel like somewhere that they go that is really important to them, when they look up they will see a big huge clock, like on a big steeple.  I think in the winter time, she likes to be able to try to go ice skating and I see her very reluctantly trying to drag her boyfriend out to ice skate with her.  That is all I got.  10:08 PM Link to Audio

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