Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is Nibiru really coming or is it all a scam?

7:38 PM - When I hear the term Nibiru, I see a fiery red comet, and that image never changes, every time I even think about the topic.  I do feel it is real.
Q-Is there life on this rock or comet?
A-I do not see life, it truly looks like a ball of fire.
Q-Has it been here in past the past history of earth?
A-Yes I do feel like it has been here before, maybe like twice.
Q-Where did it come from?
A-I am getting that it was like a comet from outside our solar system, it did not always belong here, and what happened was that when it came through it was like coming through sporadically  but then it was just at the right angle that the gravity from our sun, slung it and yanked it into our orbit, and it has been in its path ever since.  And to kind of explain it even more there was something that happened in another solar system and this comet looks like it was a moon from another planet and some kind of a collision happened and when that collision happened that is what set this flaming comet towards our solar system.  So it looks like it was a moon that belonged to a planet in a different solar system.
Q-How old in earth years is it?
A-I keep seeing like 3 million, like it existed a long time before thrown off of its orbit.
Q-I guess to rephase how long has it been in our solar system?
A-Ok, I am seeing something that I just need to say before it will let me go on.  The middle of this comet has a really strange core about it, it is kind of porous and has holes in it and it looks like it has a coral reef texture, and whatever it is made out of it has got some kind of metal and whatever it is when you rub it like kind of has a chalkiness and red powder comes off of it.   It would not let me get past that.  Now let me see how long it has been here.....Alright for our solar system I am getting 2 2 0 2 4 years.  22,024 years.
Q-In our traditional solar system, if Nibiru or this red comet is in our solar system where is it located now?
A-I feel like if we were to look at the sun it would be slightly to the west, but like millions of miles back.  I feel like it's...I feel like I want to say Saturn or Uranus, I do not know why I say that, for whatever reason I just wanted to say that.
Q-Will the comet have any effect on earth, and if so is it affecting earth now.
A-The main thing I see are the rising tides around the coast lines...Now let me think about it....I feel like when it gets close we are going to have a really intense problem with static electricity.   I feel like that will be something that we will definitely notice.
Q-Is this comet the same object that you referred to in a previous reading regarding the buildup of military in the south pacific?
A-Yes I believe it is.
Q-Will this object be visible to us and if so when?

A-I am getting an image of a highly sophisticated telescope, so I feel that if you have like a military setup or something like that with a very high power telescope that you can see it now.  I keep getting this image of the moon and I cannot help but feel like viewing it will have something to do with the moon.
Q-Is it in the visible spectrum of light?
A-Yes, it looks like a very intense fireball, I feel like when we see it, it will be bright red.
Q-When will everyone be able to see it with the naked eye?
A-I keep seeing March, and I still keep seeing a big bright full moon.  So I feel like it is telling me around the full moon in March of 2013
Q-Will it affect earth's electronic devices?
A-It is like I see some things still working, but I see a lot of things shorting out.  Like there is so much electric in the air, I don't know, like you walk out and you will feel your hairs stand on end at times.   I also feel that you will notice it more at night than you will during the day.
Q-Will it cause the poles of the earth to shift, or crustal displacement?
A-I do see that happening, but I do not feel like it is going to be huge, it is definitely going to happen but not by like thousands of miles.
Q-Will the changes be permanent or will things go back to normal?
A-Um...the earth changes look pretty normal, the static electricity will go back to normal, I think our days are going to be longer and that will also go back to normal.  I think that the tides are going to flood out a lot of land and that is going to last for a long while.
Q-How long will the affect us? When will it leave?
A-My impression is that it's effect will probably be noticeable for about a whole year and things will feel like they are trying to go back to normal around the beginning of 2014.  The biggest hardship will be getting all of the crops and food situations sorted out.
Q-Is it having any effect on us now?  If so what are the signs?
A-Yes...I keep seeing a bunch of swirls, which to me represents hurricanes...Somewhere in the oceans, and it looks like it is around Australia I keep seeing like gurgling gas pockets coming out of the ocean floor.  It also looks like there is crack in the ocean floor around Alaska and for whatever reason when I see this crack in the floor, it is making like this screeching noise, and it reminds me of the sound that the Titanic made on the movie when it like broke in half, that metal tearing apart sound.  All the things I described I think are happening now.
Q-Is it's timing in any way related to the mayan calendar?
A-I am seeing the Mayan calendar as a bunch of cycles, and then I am seeing this comet on an orbit and it is on it's own cycle.  And I get the impression that they are closely related because they are on a similar cycle, but it is not based precisely on this comet.
Q-But is the ending of the calendar specifically set to coincide with this event, even though the rest of the calendar servers other purposes.
A-I do not think it was meant to coincide with this event, I still feel like they are their own unique cycles and it just happens to be close this year.
Q-What is periodic cycle of this comet in earth years, when will it return?
A-I am getting the number 5,711 cycle.
Q-Is it's appearance and aftermath ultimately going to help or hinder mankind.
A- It is definitely going to hinder them, because we either have to try to get back to where we were or kind of accept a new normal.  Like I am smelling a lot of burnt electronics, we will have to recover from that.  People will have to be displaced along coast lines.  Flooding will be a big issue.  And I feel like we are going to have a year of tough time producing food. And the day I think will slightly longer, I mean we might gain a half hour, so instead of 24 hours it will be 24.5 hours.  Which the implications of that, I am seeing watches being screwed up, computer being screwed up, banking, atm being messed up. I mean it sounds like it is not a big deal but I see people in a frenzy over it.
Q-Will mankind be better off spiritually?  Like will this be a wake up call?
A-YES and I will be honest, something with the weird static charge around the earth, somehow helps people mentally wake up.  It is like it helps to open their senses.
Q-Like their third eye?
Q-Naming various space objects, is this comet Nibiru  also what is known as Planet X, Nemesis  Wormwood, The Destroyer, or are there other heavenly bodies in addition to this one?
A-I will say I DO NOT see this as a planet.  It looks like a fireball comet, so whatever nicknames that are out there pertaining to that comet, then I believe it to be accurate because I am not seeing any other flaming comets.
Q-Will the US be without power, and if so for how long?
A-I do think we are going to go through a spell where we don't have power, when I look at a map of the United States, I see pocket of power throughout.  It seems like the more central you are to the US, the darker it gets.  The immediate coastline is dark, but once you get inset from the coastline, there is kind of a perimeter of fairly consistent power.  I do not think we will be without for a huge amount of time, but possibly like a month to 6 weeks, and it just looks really scattered.
Q-Does the US Government know about this?
A-Yes because they are the ones with the high powered telescopes that can see it.
Q-Will Marshall law be declared?

A-I feel like that could happen, but when I look at a map I feel like it is more like West, more in the western half of the country.  It is like we are somehow divided like their is a western portion that they do it, but in the eastern part not so much.
Q-Will schools, companies, roads, stores etc still function?
A-I see that being based  around where the pocket of power exist, places with power and close to power will be fairly functional.  I will say one thing I see happening is a few weeks before the power comes on, the places that do not have power some of those people will try to infiltrate the places that do have power, so their is going to be some mild displacements of people.  Not a lot but it will be a concern.
Q-Will people be place FEMA camps?
A-I feel like out West yes, but for some reason the East does not seem to be affected.  I am getting the impression that it will be because they will need to keep control of them to prevent civil unrest and they do not want a mass amount of people infiltrating areas that do have power and like taking them over.
Q-Is the West Less prepared?
A-No they are just more affected.
Q-Is there anything we can do to be more prepared mentally and physically for this event?
A-I am kind of getting the message that....If you are one of the ones asking that question, you are probably already on the right mental path, but the ones you have got to be really cautious of, are the ones that are not even evolved enough to even think to ask that question.
Q-How will religions view this event?
A-I feel like religion is going to take the spin that this comet is a sign from their god and almost use it to evoke fear and strengthen the churches cause.
Q-Are cities a good be place to be during this time?
A-If you are a city with power, I think you will be fine.  If you are not I feel like a remote setting will be your safest outlet.
Q-How does Columbus Ohio fare.
A-When I look at Columbus it looks like a flower to me, with the heart of the city in the middle, and all these suburbs surrounding it like flower petals.  And for the most part the outer edges have I would say a fairly dense amount of power, but the center part looks really dark to me.
Q-Final Question:  Does this reading scare you personally?
A-It makes me feel cautious, not really scared.  Um, it makes me nervous for my kids, but I am hopeful what we have done enough preparation that even in a crisis situation we will pull through.  Thats it.  9:47 PM  Link to Audio (sorry some cut off due to low battery)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic information, Thanks!!

Todd | Channelingmyself said...

When was this session performed?

PsychicFocus said...

I just did this last night.. We upload them as soon as we are done..

Anonymous said...

Intresting,ive been researching this for a while and many ancient cultures speak of this.She sounds sincere,im keeping a positive attitude and open mind.

Mike Lee said...


I have one major question to ask you, if you could help to ask your divine source.

Zetatalk and few other sources mentioned that most South East Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia will be drown. Is it true?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been surching information about Planet X/Nibiru since biginning of this year. I heared the strange noises one night (these deep noises were heard around the world, how I saw on youtube videos). So since then I started opening my eyes and found a lot of information about the TRUTH. People really need to wake up and watch less TV. People are brainwashed and they want to be in their little world.:-( I read on this page that you wrote that 70% of the people will be thinker. Will the illuminaty still controll the World? Can you please tell me something about UK? How these Earth changes will effect on this Island? Will be flooding? How will people react for the catastrophes? Will be here as well food and/or clean water problem?
Can you please give some information personally to me? My full name is Henriett Julianna Haragos, I was born in Hungary, Budapest 16.02.1980. I live in Cambridge, UK. Can you see me or my family safe here where I live now? Can you please also say something abouth Hungary? How Hungarian people are going to cope with the changes? Will they have flood or food problem etc.
I would love to know if I have any message from my family member who passed away not long ago. Thanks for your time and help.

Santos said...

I've seen this session on YouTube through BackToConstitution channel.

How do you feel about Portugal and Spain? Will those countries be safe? Where could our family, geographically speaking on those countries, take refuge?


Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for the feedback everyone. I will try to follow up to your questions within the next few days. I enjoy all of your comments!

Anonymous said...

I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

Anonymous said...
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Shundrallah said...

Know the truth

Mike Lee said...

Hi I stay in Singapore and various sources predicted that Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam will sink in the upcoming pole shift. Could you be very kind to help us to focus in this region to advise if we need to migrate before the disaster hits?If yes, where shall we go??? Thank you so much for helping billions in Asia. Bless you.

Bambi Martin said...

Wow! Thank you Very Much for clarifying things! I did have a few questions for you... are there really reptilians and greys here, and are they intermingling with us humans... and are there hybrids? Are there planets and moons in Nibiru's tail, and are there Annunaki there? Thank you very much for your time.

Anonymous said...

Do you think its possible it could impact the earth?

Anonymous said...

do you see a chance nibiru will collide with the earth?

Anonymous said...

I never believed in any nibiru or anything was going to happen not once. I never even looked into it. I have been having reoccuring dreams of some sort of electrical disturbance in the atmosphere that sounds like roaring shockwaves over and its pink and blue light in the sky exploding caused by a ball of fire passing nearby. At that point i remember in the dream all the power going out. I have had this dream probably 4 or more times. Not saying its related but weird it kind of coincides with what they are saying.

Chris Servin said...

How will Colorado Springs, and Las Vegas be effected by this? Will government force us to receive a chip and if so what are the consequences for not accepting it?

Todd | Channelingmyself said...

It is almost the end of March and it would seem that the Red Comet will not make its appearance this month. Can you provide an update of what you may be getting now as to when/if it may arrive?

Psychic Focus said...

I think it is still out there, we just aren't seeing it on a grand scale. It is definitely starting to effect our weather and intensifying effects of the sun... I also feel that something is going on with the moon too.. In my gut I know more is to come..