Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi, I have heard of yogis being able to survive on sunlight, without food or people who can go prolonged periods without food? Is there truth to this, living on sunlight? Also this man, Li Ching-Yuen, claimed to have lived 256 years, he died in 1933, did he really live this long, what was his secret?

9:35 PM - Hm...I do see a person, it is actually an older man and he is standing out in a field, facing the sun with his eyes closed.  And he is taking in a huge breath as if he is absorbing every aspect of the sun.  I do get the sense that he is getting some type of a energy reboot from it.  I see that they are eating, but it looks like everything that they are eating is plant based and also uses the sun.  I mean it is like I am looking at a table of food and everything is very vegan looking to me.  And I do not see anything that is processed or baked, it is all raw.  Like no bread, no nothing.  And as far as protein goes, I only am seeing like peanuts and like little sesame seed looking things, and the rest is all fruits and vegetables.  I feel these individuals are really like into the earth, very holistic, and what is unique about them to is, I am seeing all these men like looking into the sun with their eyes closed, it is almost like they have a worship towards the sun, but they are not dark tanned like what you would think.  Now I am seeing one, he looks like he is wearing some type of a cloak, so it looks like they actually do cover up after like a ceremony with the sun.
Q-So can people go for long periods of time without eating if they recharge in the sun?
A-I am not seeing that, and when I was specifically was asking that I saw they table of food.
Q-Does the table of food, minus animal products, represent a way to live 256 years like the supposed Li Ching-Yeun, or does relate to the yogis?
A-I feel like it is more towards the yogis, when I keep asking about the 256 year old guy...I cannot get any confirmation.  The only thing that I see when I ask is this super scrawny black boy who looks like he is about 10 years old and it is like he is crouched down by this enormous rock, but then the image just sticks there and I see nothing else...  Wait just give me a second....Alright, so now that I have acknowledged that black kid, he lit a torch and that rock that he was standing beside was a cave, and he just took me through into this cave, and he was showing me some kind of what looks like mushrooms or something, and they have a bright green color about them.  And it is as if he is trying to tell me that the old guy ate a lot of those.
Q-Do these mushrooms still grow and exist today, if so are there any in the US?
A-I feel like maybe the are south of the equators, like there are some in in South America and some in Africa.  It is like they live in hot steamy caves, like in high humidity.  They kind of have some orange on the stems too.
Q-Are they hallucinogenic, or like what we consume as food?
A-They are more like medicinal like highly antioxidant and like purifying.  I would say antioxidants is how I see them.
Q-Is there any readily available foods that exhibit the same qualities?
A-..I first got the name Guava, but I think that is some kind of herb, but then I got avocado, but they are like a much milder form of whatever these weird mushrooms are.
Q-Did Li actually live 256 years?
A-I did not get a year but I do think there is some truth to that.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, thankyou for reading. Is the mushroom you are referring to Lingzhi? I don't see a picture of a green lingzhi but there are different varieties of it that are different colors.

Psychic Focus said...

I just read about them, and I am not sure without seeing a picture of what I saw. It is possible. Very interesting.