Sunday, October 21, 2012

Have Bolsheviks taken over the U.S. government and are they steering the country towards a Communist society?

8:12 PM - I see both Russia and China being involved in our government, I see all three of them together however, the Russians and the Chinese look like they have made an alliance and they look like when they are together they are more powerful than the US.  I do see them trying to influence us in the US and it almost looks to me like we have a game face on.  As if we are trying to stay strong, but behind the mask we are scared, weak, and vulnerable when it comes to Russia and the Chinese.  And I do not see it as them forming an alliance for us to be communist or socialist  but it looks like a bully just trying to take over.  I also see a lot of soviet and chinese military bases being set up here, but it looks like it is mostly in the midwest area.  If I were to look at a map of the US and focus in it look like it is in the most central part of the United States.
Q-Have the Bolsheviks take over the US government?
A-No the have not yet taken it over but I have the impression that they want to, and they are going to align with China to do so.
Q-Why do they want to do this?  What is their motivation?
A-I have seen this image before and I am getting the same thing again, and they want our land to be able to grow food.  To them the most valuable thing the US has to offer is it's land.
Q-How does this sit with US citizens?
A-Not well at all and I see the reason that they have these military bases out west is so that when rioting starts the military can just take over.  and i will say this too, when i look at a map, I feel like our country ends up divided and most of the Soviet / Chinese focus will be west and the east will be fairly left alone.  And it looks like the divide is around the Mississippi River.
Q-When does the first invasion occur, or is it covert?
A-I think it is covert and I think the bases are already starting now, it will be one of those slow subtle takeovers and before you know it, the Soviets and Chinese will already be here.
Q-But Russia is so big and has so much land, why do they just not grow on their own land?
A-The types of crops they want to grow, cannot be grown where they are.  I am seeing that most of their land has a lot of snow in the Northern part of it.
Q-Should the US embrace this change, or fight it?
A-Reject it and fight it because we will be like slaves to Russia and China.
Q-What happens to our military might?
A-As I am seeing this play out in my mind, at the time when this starts happening China is going to push to get the gold standard back, and when that happens our dollar is going to drop and we will have no funding for a huge military.
Q-When do you see us revert back to the gold standard?
A-When I look at a time line it looks about 10 years from now will be the big push and everything will be in alignment.
Q-How long has the plans been in place to take over the US?  Or is this yet to develop?
A-It is still developing but I cannot pinpoint when the initial talks started.
Q-Will American citizens be disarmed before this occurs in ten years?
A-I do not think so, I still see people with guns.  I do say they look like old fashion guns, but people do still have guns.
Q-How will our children view this?
A-They look scared, I mean they look scared.
Q-Will there be any great battles before this happens?
A-I feel like I see um...I cannot tell if it is like a missile or a bomb going off in certain parts of Russia, but I see nothing happening here because they do not want to tear up or tant our land.
Q-Do you see any major loss of life?
A-I do not see anything major and I do not feel anything will happen on our soil.
Q-Will we still have a president, or will our government structure change?
A-The west will change but the east will remain as is.
Q-Will alien disclosure occur before this time?
A-I just got a flash of the TV and on the TV it was talking about the UN Alien ambassador  but it will not come from our Government it is going to come from the UN.
Q-When do see this announcement?
A-Late 2014.
Q-Which race or races will be exposed?
A-The only ones that I see are the Greys.
Q-Is there anything we can do to change this path in the future?
A-The scene that just played out in my mind is that Russia and China have done projections and they can tell that they are having a food shortage, or are going to not be able to feed their populations.  And I see us giving them huge burlap sacks of corn kernels, like the way you would give a bully something to buy them off.
Q-So as long as we feed them, they will not invade?
A-That is how it played out in my head.
Q-Is there anything else?  A- No  
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