Saturday, October 27, 2012

Does the moment in time that we have experienced exist after we no longer experience it?

7:32 PM - Hmm..It is coming to me like this, as you experience a moment, on one layer of time it is the past, on a different layer of time it is the current, and on another layer it is the future.  And all of that is happening simultaneously.  And free will can change the future but it cannot change the past or the present.

But if you use free will to change what you do in the future, it is like it updates the past and the current also.  You can ask me questions it is kind of confusing it is like I see it in my mind but I do not know how to explain it.
Q-Just describe what you are seeing.
A-I mean I feel like the past present and future all occur at the same time.  But if in this current life plane we alter the future because of free will that past and present moment is altered even though you do not live through that experience.
Q-Why would the past need to be altered or updated, it is already past.
A-Because the past, present, and future are all occurring at the same time, so when you change the future you change the past as well.
Q-Can you describe what you are seeing
A-it is more of a concept, in my mind it make complete sense, but to put into words, it is difficult.
Q-How can one move between these layers?
A-I do not think you do physically, on a spiritual level you can.
Q-So how do I not know that I have lived this moment already, went to sleep, but just woke up in my past, which is today.
A-I feel like you do have memories of your future.  It is called deja vu, like at a place you have never been and you had deja vu.
Q-Are you tapping into your future knowledge to do these reading or another source?
A-I think it is a combination of universal knowledge and future knowledge, and I feel like your physical body experience a linear time, so when you say how do I not know my future, that is because your future existed in another spiritual form that has come back to live in this physical body.  I do not think your physical body lived in the future and then came back, I think that your soul did, and those are the memories you are tapping into.
Q-So are you saying our lives are like a DVD collection, we just pick the one that we want to experience at this time?
A-For the most part yes, I do feel like that is how it works.  But I see your life being one track within one DVD collection.
Q-Are all these experience logged into our DNA or our Soul?
A-I feel like it is in your soul, not your DNA.
Q-Are any memories logged in our DNA.
A-I think instincts are in your DNA, memories are in your soul.  Like a bird knows how to build a nest because of it's instinct in its DNA.  But if it gets eaten, that is not logged into it's DNA, that is a memory in it's soul.
Q-How many lives have you lived?
A-Without doing a past life regression it is hard to tell, some people have many and some people have a few.
Q-Do does my free will today, affect everyone elses present and future?  Example, I kill myself, that affects my wife, children, kids, work etc.
A-Yes I do, even miniscule things like your car not being on the road, using gas, eating at chipotle on Friday.  It affects in in minor ways, but Yes.
Q-So our fate is also determined by everyone elses actions also.
A-In some ways yes.
Q-If a soul or spirit were to travel into the past, would that not then become the present for that soul, with an alternate future?
Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?
A-I will say during this reading the overall concept seemed very clear and sensible in my mind, but for some reason trying to put it into words seemed incredibly complex.  So I am hopeful that when you read this, it will trigger some kind of clarity in your own mind because i feel like I did not due it justice.   I did not feel like I intricately described it.  
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reading. In a previous reading on time travel you said there can be different layers that can be physically crossed. Can they alter time?

Psychic Focus said...

Since things are happening in the past, present and future all the same time in different layers, if something changes in one layer, it will effect the other layers.. I would not say it alters linear time, but you can see time in a different perspective if you pass through the layers..

Anonymous said...

1st I want to say I love what you're doing, THANK YOU!

This reading adds to so many others stating time as we see it doesn't really exist. What stuck out the most though was that our choices today can also effect our past. Bashar has mentioned that as well. When I heard it before it didn't stick, but reading it now makes me think that it helps us clear our baggage and knowing it helps us evolve more conscience in our physical now.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned deja vu...

While the dictionary term for it is different, I've always felt it is just a case of a person seeing the future, and that future moment then occurring in present time.

I've had them my whole life -- it's always a matter of having seen a brief glimpse of my future through my eyes at some point (it's usually so confusing to the mind, because the mind has no context for it), I then forget about it (again, it's like the mind is just baffled by the image or scene, usually of me doing something often mundane, but specific)... then the event occurs, often a week or a month later, I remember it, that "feeling" rushes over me ("Oh, I saw this happen two weeks ago.")

I also saw 9/11 happen a week before, and that's the only time something outside of my own perspective has occurred. I was so compelled by the images of the towers being destroyed, I nearly walked outside my car and drove to D.C. I then quickly dismissed the whole thing and forgot about it.

Again, future events have a way of seeming so foreign, so absurd, so out of context, so out of place, until they happen. The mind just throws those visions into the mind's trash bin of sorts, "What's this? This isn't a real memory, goodbye." It's frustrating trying to hold on to those images because I still doubt them today.