Friday, October 5, 2012

Did Carlos Castaneda, the author of the book "A Yaqui way of knowledge" really have these experiences with Don Juan or is it fiction?

9:30 PM - I have a vision of a guy and he is sitting at a kitchen table, and then it is showing me a like a thinking bubble above his head, and within that bubble there are different scenes that are being played out, and I think I am seeing that Don Juan character.  And my impression is that he has created his stories by maybe hearing things from a third person, and then filling in the blanks with his imagination, as he tried to play these scenes out in his head.
Q-So did Carlos Castaneda ever meet or interact with Don Juan?
A-I do not feel like he did, but I feel like in some ways he kind of idolized him, and he knew people that actually knew him, the Don Juan Guy.
Q-So what is the percentage of Fiction vs Nonfiction?
A-Hmm..I feel like it 60/40, 40% being on the fiction side.
Q-Do you have any confirmations for the requestor?
A-Do they have a name or anything?
Q-Nope they are anonymous.
A-I do see a person, sitting behind a big oak table writing, but I cannot tell if it is the author or the requestor since I have so little to go on.
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Anonymous said...

The author of the book has passed about 20 years ago. He wrote this series of books starting with the one i mentioned about his experiences with a shaman and different people who had helped him on his journey to understand the nature of reality. These books were popular and raised questions about their authenticity,Carlos Castaneda was an anthropologist and claimed his books were his research, when asked to show the field notes he took, The author claimed to have lost them. The experiences described in the book with mind bending hallucinogens and other kind of out of body experiences and other ways of receiving reality diffidently have questioned the author authenticity as a credible researcher and thus the books were believed to be fiction. Thank you for the reading.

Psychic Focus said...

Thank you for your response. Interesting.