Monday, September 17, 2012

When and where will I find love and be in a relationship again? Will that person be a female or male? Born in San Antonio TX, in 1983, and my name is Erin

8:38 PM - Hmm..Ok I see a girl and she is at a bar and she is standing up near the bar by herself as if her friend have gone to the bathroom or she is waiting for them to get there.  And in the background there is a mechanical bull and people are riding on it, she is kind of watching that but standing at the bar, she's kind of flirting with the bar tender but then some dude shows up out of nowhere and she meet him, they start talking, and I feel like they really hit it off and they got a connection.  And to describe the guy he is wearing a black T Shirt, jeans, he has a tattoo on his bicep, he has dark thick curly hair and is really tall.  He reminds me of the guy they call carter on all of those TLC home improvement shows, and I feel like he uses some kind of pick up line like, "I like your necklace"  and you are wearing a shirt in which your cleavage is hanging out and you both look down at your necklace and you both start laughing because you will get the joke.  I feel like this will be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
8:46 PM Link to Audio

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