Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's a lot of talk about celebrities sacrificing their love ones for fame and fortune. Do they really participate in human sacrifice and/or "sell" their souls for fame and fortune and to remain rich?!?

7:53 PM - Hm..I see celebrities like everybody else, some have high morals, and some do not.  I have an image of a little girl praying and her mom is standing over top of her as if they are praying for fame and fortune.  When I ask about human sacrifices, I am not getting any images regarding that.  I am seeing some kind of a money transaction where money is exchanging hands, this is giving me impression that some people can be bought off.  I am seeing a mom leave a little girl in a hallway, and she goes into this room and is trying to seduce some older guy.  I am seeing someone holding their fingers up to their mouth like they are trying to quite somebody.  Like there is some kind of blackmail activity going on.  My overall impression of the situation is that there are dirty deals that go on and there are some people involved with low morals, but I do not see any sacrificing of their own family going on.
Q-Do they sacrifice their family mentally and emotion maybe not physically.
A-Yes, that I could see with the mom standing over top of the little girl.
Q-Can people actually sell their souls?
A-I would not call it selling their souls, but they are consciously choosing NOT to follow their spiritual path or to do the right thing.
Q-First celebrity that comes to your mind.
A-The first one was Angelina Jolie.
Q-Do you see them making bargains with themselves or a perceived entity in order to gain their fame and fortune.  Like within their own minds.
A-Some of them do, but some of them also are not even that high of thinking and it more just trying to make dirty deals with people.
Q-What the percentage of lets say Good vs Evil celebrities.
A-Well it is kind of this flip flop thing going on.  I view the older celebrities to have a little more integrity, than the younger ones.  It is like the older ones worked to get where they are, but the younger ones do not always feel that they should have to work that hard.  So I would say under 40 it is like a 60 /40 with 60% with lower morals, but the older generations 40+, it is more like a 75/25 with the 25% is corrupt.
Q-But is that not the way society work now.
A-Maybe so, and it is carried over into that industry as well.  It is like I am getting a snapshot of that crazy Toddlers in Tiaras show, and it is like the mom's do not even expect the kids to have to work, they almost have that entitled feeling about them also.
Q-Is there anything else? A-No 8:07 PM

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