Saturday, September 29, 2012

Much success and luck as you develop your talent. Meanwhile I had a health question that I hoped you can help me with. I was born June 17, 1977 and my first name is Rick and Last name starts with the 3 letters SCH. I have been having liver issues, I believe, caused by an antidepressant which I am weaning off. Will I get better? And yes I know you are not a Doctor but would like to hear what the universe has to say. Thanks and God Bless!

9:05 PM - The first think I am seeing is some occasional drinking, and I feel like you need to stop that all together but I think that you already know that.  I am also getting an image of some kind of a tar substance on your liver as if you need to do some sort of a liver detox.  I think that there are certain herbs that promote a healthier liver and I would look into that.  I hearing something about those herbs will give you diarrhea, but not to be alarmed because it is the toxins leaving your body. I am getting an overall impression that if you take a holistic approach to your medical concerns and do a body cleansing treatment, that you will be ok.  But also remember that since you do have a liver that is sensitive to chemical that you put in your body you are going to be prone to have issues if you go back to your old habits.
Q-Do you have any confirmation for Rick SCH?
A-I am seeing a little tiny dog, and I just picked up on that he has not let many people in on his health issues, even people that are pretty close to him, and if he opens up about it, it will help him feel better and it will also give him more support to get off his antidepressants.  I am also picking up on that he also lives near power lines and he is always thinking about if they are going to have an effect on him or his family, and I feel like if he looks inward he is going to know the right answer to that.  That is all I really got. 9:17 PM

Anonymous said...
This is for Rick, but i too have had problems with liver and my chiropractor recommended NAC N-acetyl cysteine, it converts into Glutathione, an antioxidant that protects your liver, i have been feeling better since taking it. It has been shown to be effective, best to get from swanson, they are a good brand.

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