Friday, September 7, 2012

I would love to hear what you have for the state of Alaska for the future. Good or bad?

2:22 PM - I get an image of people fishing, but I have the impression that quality and quantity of fish is less than what it used to be.  Climate wise it is cold and snowing, but I think it will soon approach warmer than usual conditions, I am seeing an image of a piece of large flat land that is snow covered, but there is a lot of cracks in the snow as if it is melting.  So it is still very cold but not as cold as you are typically used to.  I find myself being drawn to looking at the sky as if you will be noticing changes in the sky, my impression is that you have been focused on the sky and that you can tell that things are different or are lining up different.  I am seeing people gathered the produce areas of your supermarkets and it is setup similar to what I would call a farmers market, and people are haggling over the cost of produce, I feel that this upcoming summer you are going to see an increase in the price of food maybe like 15-20% and I do not see there being a shortage of food, but the cost of food will rise.  I am also hearing the words "State Taxes" as if your state will be going through issues with the tax rate.  I am also hearing the words "State Infrastructure" and that is implying to me that a lot of people where you live are demanding improvements to the some of the busier cities and towns in your state.  I do not see any huge changes....I am not getting the impression of any disaster type situations.
Q-Do you see anything good happening?
A-I keep seeing a bright yellow sun, and I cannot help but feel that the days will remain brighter for a longer period of time even if it is only for minutes, but they will be longer than they have been in the past.  It feels good, I do not feel concerned by that.
Q-Is there any confirmation for the requester T.
A-I don't have a lot to go on however, I did get a brief image of an old fashioned sail boat, it made me think of the Mayflower, and that was it. 
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