Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I have been back and forth with an ex for the past 8 yrs. No matter how much I try to leave I seem to go back to her. I am trying to move on with my life. Do you see her moving on with her life and leaving me alone?!? Mark.Dreifus, 03/16/83, NY, NY

8:02 PM - I am getting a really crazy image so I will explain it the best I can, I am seeing a guy standing in the city and then about 6 blocks away I see a woman also standing in the city, and then the guy has a dotted line drawn from his chest up into the sky, the woman also has a dotted line drawn from her chest up into the sky, and those points at the end of the lines meet at a star.  My impression is that you guys are... Like part of your astrological sign and part of her astrological sign overlap.  And the star that you are both being drawn to by these dotted lines is being shared by the both of you.  And when you met her and she met you it was like you had an attraction that was hard to fight.  As far as your current guys just need to talk to each other..and if one of the two of you no longer wants in the relationship then you just have to be honest and move on.  If your wish is for her to move on and for her to find someone else, I think what it is really going to take is for her to find someone with your astrological sign...and I know that might sound corny but that is what I really think.
Q-Why does he want her leave?
A-I am seeing the ying-yang sign and on the left side of that sign I feel like that is him (Black), and there is an arrow pointing outward from it towards the left, and my impression is that he is independent and adventurous and he wants to do that kind of stuff, and then her side (White) has no arrows, and she is just kinda single tracked, and that drives him crazy, and I feel like that is why he wants her to move on.
Q-Do you see her moving on and if so when?
A-If she does it is not going to be for a long time, because I do not see that anywhere in the near future, and the image that I got was still the ying-yang but it was so strained that the black and white sides were only connected by a little tiny dot as if they still regardless have kind of a connection.  I also feel like he probably has the ability to manipulate her, but he should just try hard to refrain from doing that.  He feel like the ultra dominate one to me.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No
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