Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I applied for a job... I really want to know if you see anything about me getting the job? My birthday is 11/19/76

7:58 PM - The first thing I see is you sitting at a desk, and you work or you deal with a lady that is slightly overweight, she has gray or a lot of gray in her hair, she has curly hair, and the most notable thing about her is that she has some very stinky perfume that smells like pepper.  I have a feeling that at your work people do not always take you seriously, and I do not necessarily think it is because of how you act, but it is because they know your age...I keep getting an image of you not being clean shaven, and I think to an extent they hold that against you..  I think you are going to get an interview for this job, they will probably highly consider you, but in the end they are going to pick a guy who fits their idealistic mold, but do not lose hope because after this interviewing process it is going to kind of irritate the hell out of you and their is going to be another job that you are even happier with that you are going to get.  And I think this is going to happen within the next six months or so.
Q-Should he bother interviewing at all?
A-Interviewing is always good practice, so definitely be optimistic and use it as a learning experience.
Q-Any suggestions on improving his odds of interviewing well?
A-The biggest thing that stuck out was more of a business like outward appearance.  Something about being clean shaven seems important.  And I keep hearing that phrase, "Dress for the Job you want not the job you have", so try stand out and be professional.
Q-Is there any messages or confirmation for this person?
A-Alright let me focus on that for a second...Ah...(Laugh), there is a woman that reminds me of Aunt Jemima, and she is swinging her arms and singing.  It is like a language I do not understand but it seems really cheerful.  And he is like a little kid while this is happening...That is kind of all I have got.  8:10 PM Link to Audio

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