Monday, September 17, 2012

Hello my name is David. I was born in February 15, 1986. I live in Ontario. I was wondering where you see me living and what you see me doing job wise in 2014?

8:08 PM - The first thing I see is a blue uniform, I am gravitating toward like medical, paramedic possibly.  Definitely hands on and helping people.  I get the sense he is really good in emergencies and he can think fast...Someone is coming through and showing me a gold man's ring, that has black onyx in it.  I am also seeing a young man who looks like he is in his mid 20's with short brown hair.  He has a really bright smile and kind of younger Brad Pitt look about him.  I feel like this was a brother of his or a really good friend that he felt was a brother.  He wants you to know he is there and he is looking over you.

Q-Where you do you see him living in 2014?
A-As I view a world map I see him staying close to where he is at.  I do not feel he has any kind of travel coming up. 
8:15 PM Link to Audio

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