Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Will a scientist in NJ develop a new form of energy based on hydrogen and its electron within the next few years? Will I get to work with him? Chuck Valdez 2-21-63 Pennsylvania. Thanks, your work is appreciated and quite fascinating.

8:21 PM - Like I am but I am not, It is like I do not understand science enough to relay this into words.
Q-Just describe what you see.
A-Well image water being in like a big glass jar, and there is a little tiny hole in the top, and rather than heating it and making steam, there is like and outer shell to this jar, and that shell is being infused with some electronic charge.  Somehow the electronic charge is super exciting the water and it is breaking the water down in between oxygen and hydrogen.  It looks like the hydrogen weighs less than the oxygen so it floats to the top, the oxygen is siphoned out of this contraption and the hydrogen is used, I do not know what you do with the hydrogen after that process.
Q-Describe this shell around the jar.
A-It is like it is two layers one layer holds the water, and the outer layer is what gets electronically charged.
Q-How is it charged?
A-I see it zapping to the outer shell like a vandergraph generator.
Q-How is it powered?
A-How is what powered?
Q-Is this device connected to anything that power it?  Elctric, solar, sun, magnetic?
A-All I see is a jar with a shell around it, the shell is see through, that is all I can tell you.
Q-Will a NJ scientist build this or has he already?
A-I think he is already building it, it just is not done.
Q-When do you see it completed?
A-I am seeing 2016, and to answer your other question, it looks like a wind turbine that is powering the static charges.
Q-Will Chuck work with this scientist?
A-I do not know I am not getting anything.
Q-Can you get anything at all about Chuck Valdez born 2-21-63?
A-All I see is a beardy guy with glasses.
Q-Any confirmation for Chuck?
A-The only thing I am getting is maybe he does like auto manufacturing, or works in the industry or with people within the industry.
Q-How did you feel about this reading?
A-Terrible truthfully, I thought it was hard and what I saw did not make any sense to me.
Q-Do you see free energy as in non destructive in future and when?
A-I do  not see this anytime in the near future.
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Hydrogen fuel sold in BP America. Who knows how long will it be available in developed countries.