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Why have they errected a 16 foot Angel of death at the Denver airport? What is the significance of the airport & strange painted murals? Thank you

11:31 PM - I am very tired, but I will give it a try because I am curious...The airport in general when I focus on it, I got this weird kaleidoscope of colors, this weird meshing of colors....I see the cover of the book The Davinci Code..That gives me the impression that the pictures and painting have a much more significant meaning.  I am seeing someone holding what appears to be a black light, but is not a black light, I cannot tell what it is, and they are scanning the pictures with it to decipher some hidden meanings.   I think whatever is their is visible to the naked eye, but the pictures are so outlandish that the message gets lost in it.  This light somehow brings it to be much easier to read.... Just give me a second..When I try to focus on the 16 foot angle..It is like I cannot get an image in my mind because it keeps reverting to that horse that I know is there.   The angel I did not know about.  The angle and the horse are kinda lumped together to me, It has like and ominous feel, like a dark creepy feel.  Feels like it is some kind of warning sign, almost like it is saying heed and do not step any further unless your welcomed.  I am not getting much, I think because I am tired, I do not want you to post this tonight because I can do better tomorrow.

Q-Who is responsible for the strange artwork, horse, and angel?
A-My impression is that it is some kind of a group, and they are highly affiliated with some type of church, I do not think government related.  I would almost suspect that if you ask the Denver Airport it would be some anonymous donation.
Q-What does the Angel represent?
A-.....I got to be honest I cannot connect to any vibe of an angel there.
Q-Let me look at Google and see if it is an angel, I think they have an Egyptian Anubis but I do not know either.  Maybe this person has a strange interpretation you cannot relate to.  I cannot find anything about and angel of death.  I will search Denver and Anubis.  I think that is what they are referring to, it say God of Death.  Here is picture it looks like an Egyptian statue. 

A-The only thing that I was it opening up, and it was hallow inside, kinda like the Trojan horse, and I am trying to figure what is inside it.  I feel like it, and the horse, um...Like they might somehow be used as a weapon but they are in plain sight,...and I think that, there are groups that are not government funding it, there are people in these groups that are government but they are not the base.   For example, when I was saying that, I heard Skull and Bones.  Like some people from Skull and Bones are in Government, but Skull and Bones is not a government agency.
Q-What makes you think they are a weapon?
A-Because when I saw that it was empty and I was trying to figure out what was in it, I saw the Trojan horse, the Trojan horse was a stealthy way to have a weapon.  I feel like they are built enormous and ridiculous because they actually sheath for something else?.. 
Q-Can you focus on the light you saw being used on the paintings?
A-It was some kind of like a UV light, it was like a flashlight, hand held, the color it emitted was kinda purplish, the light was bright white but with purple glow.  I do not think it was a black light but some type of UV light...I feel like what is going on with that Airport is such a huge concept I cant even wrap my mind around it to explain it.
Q-Just describe what you see.
A-What I just saw right now, is a vast open area of nothing but dirt, and some kind of explosion went off in this dirt, my impression is this Denver Colorado Airport is a big huge enormous bunker, not just for the government but for anybody than can buy a ticket to get inside.   I am not just talking about Americans, I am talking about like people form Europe, Asia anywhere, if you got the money your in.  And then I am getting this image that as soon as this explosion happens it is almost like I am watching a cage come out of the ground and encapsulated this airport... that give me the impression that if something was to happen then it will shut down like fort Knox, and it will be locked down like a bunker times 10.  Well then the thing too about this airport, the mysteries are not on the floor where the public is the mysteries are what goes on beneath the airport.
A-I see a snapshot of these very intricate tunneling systems, and I think the bizarre paintings when certain things happen people, people that are in the know already know and these painting are just going to be messages to them, instructing them where to go where to meet.
Q-How do you buy a ticket to this "Bunker"
A-I think it works two ways, first you have to be invited, and then if you are invited you have to pay.
Q-Why would people be compelled to live here vs their normal live and homes?
A-You would not, it would just be a safe place during a disaster
Q-Is there a known disaster that this was built for, or was it build more like and insurance policy against unknown disasters?
A-I would say the second thing you said.
Q-What are the requirements to be invited?
A-I really do not know.
Q-Is there anything you may have gotten that we missed?
A-...I do not know there is something about the paintings that are bothering me, I cannot figure it out.
Q-Would you like to sleep on it and add anything you get tomorrow?
A-Yes.  12:10 AM.
Update 10:05 PM 7-5-2012 - In reference to the paintings
As it being illuminated, I think that it might be maps that are illuminated by that, and more specifically, I think some of has to do with navigating the tunnels under the airport.  I think reason that some of those pictures strategically were chosen, are because some of the people in the know, it is their subtle way of showing you the truth without telling you the truth.  And specifically, I vividly see one that is showing spaceships? and it their way of saying their are aliens out their.  Like they are bluntly telling you the truth without saying it.  And i feel like um throughout the airport when you view both the painting and status you are going to see a common apocalyptic theme.  And now my focus went toward the Anubis statue, and it suddenly came to me what it meant, since this airport is focused on this apocalyptic theme, not only are you going to see apocalyptic items but you are going to see items that deal with birth, and death, as if when the apocalypse come, you have to accept the death or an era followed by the birth of a new era, and I would not be surprised if there are children and baby themed artwork their, along with the whole darker aspect also.  I feel like it is going to be one extreme or the other their displays of art. 
Q-Are you getting anything else?
A-Just let me think for second...Again with the statues I feel like something is going on with that, maybe like something is buried beneath them, or located beneath them, specifically that horse one.  I am viewing that horse like it is headstone, like their is something beneath it.  That Anubis one, I still feel that is hallow and opens up,  I keep seeing it like a casket, like king tut's casket  folding open...Yeah I definitely feel the horse one is standing on somethings because I can see the land cracking around it, and this ominous glow coming through the earth, and it trying to signify to me that their is something buried beneath that statue, or under it, it may be tunnel or something.
Q-Does this Airport have anything to do with the Georgia Guide Stones?
A-Yes, and one time when I was focusing on the airport, I actually thought about the Georgia guide stones for a brief second, and now that you asked me I definitely think so.
Q-Is the same group behind both
A-Yes, I think yes
Q-When will the revealing of the reason guide stones, DIA, the horse Anubis, be known to the rest of the world
A-Hold on let me think...I got 2014, but I know that does not coincide with anything but that is what I got, I just saw the numbers flash in my mind.
Q-Why Denver?
A-I am seeing a lot of rock, and I see a mountain side or cliff or something, and there is a lot of rock, and my impression is that their is a lot of stone foundation structurally it makes it sound as far as resistant to disasters.  That is all I got.


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Yes the Anubis statue is what I was referring to, sorry for the vagueness.. And I agree there something very creepy about those murals..

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Just watched a 30 minute video that explains why the Georgia Guidestones were place where they were. It helps to explain why they who built them comes into view.

They line up with an artificial ley line generated by Thomas Jefferson, member of various secret societies...also referred to in the video (if you already didn't know).

Well presented...not boring.


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I'm seeing if I can link it.

...this post goes with the one prior