Monday, August 27, 2012

Why are there reports of Russian soldiers all over America? Why have they come?

Why are there reports of Russian soldiers all over America? Why have they come?

7:45 PM - The first thing I see is a Russian Soldier and they are shaking hands with our US military, it looks as if we are forming some kind of ally with Russia, or we are working with them as a team on some kind of project.  And I am seeing Obama give a speech and their is a banner that is hanging behind him and it says election in BLUE letters and 2012 in RED letters and the audience is filled with both American, Russian, and it looks like another countries military also, and their uniforms are jet black.  Let me try to see if I can figure it out...I want to say maybe Chinese, but the ratio is like 10% or less Chinese and then 45% American and 45% Russian.  Yeah it was Chinese because I just saw someone wave their red Chinese flag at me.  I am getting an impression that they are here to help him through this election, and I am hearing the words "Campaign Dollars" and it is as if campaign dollar are floating in from higher ups associated or tied to the military on both the American and the Russian sides, and the Chinese too.  It is like the military is there trying to protect the money flow and protect that Obama gets it and that he gets elected again.  Now I am getting an image of Obama going into what looks like a snow covered cave in Russia and as he goes into the cave a door shuts behind him that looks like a bank vault door, and as I am trying to find out what it is and why he is there I hear the phrase "You Can't Know", like there is something secret going on in Russia, like in an underground cave covered with snow.  And whatever this cave is it is highly guarded, and the guards are wearing white snowsuits and they look exactly like the people off of Die Hard with Bruce Willis movie.  For some reason I am getting the words "SEEDS" and immediately jump to Monsanto or whatever that brand is called.  And it is almost like these two countries are trying to somehow manufacture these seeds to grow food.  It is like a triangle of thoughts in my mind, it is like I see food at the top, bottom I see Monsanto and seeds, and in the middle of this triangle I see the opening to this cave.  This is the image that I have got in my mind.  And I keep going back to that movie, Die Hard with Bruce Willis and I do not know why.  Maybe I need you to just ask me questions now.
Q-If Obama is elected will the Russians and Chinese leave?
A-Ok here's  what I see, some of the Russians will stay behind, they are going to stay in prefab cities that we have here and they are going to practice growing this new food.  The Chinese are going to leave, they are going to go and inhabit some of their prefab cities and practice growing the food their.  Most of the Russians will then leave with the exception of the ones staying behind and they will practice growing food in the Russian prefab cities.
Q-Do they wish ill will?
A-I got a clip art image of a stack of dollar bills so my impression is no, it is all about the money.
Q-Why does Russian and China want Obama reelected?
A-The way it played in my mind was because Obama is slightly more socialist and communist than the Republican party so it is easier for the countries to collaborate together if they have him in office.  And when people see this fake food manufacturing occurring it will be easier for Obama to sell the idea than a Republican.
Q-Why do you call it fake food?
A-Because it is genetically engineered seeds that can grow in unnatural environments with the absence of a lot of sun and water and it does not yield seeds that germinate, and I also get a slight impression that the food yielded from this will not generate the nutritional value of naturally grown food.
Q-Then why would these three countries want to practice growing this food?
A-For the money, it is low risk for the farmer, they do not have to worry about drought, the level of sunshine, and even though the seeds might cost more, it is like an insurance policy that they will yield a crop.  And in the event of a disaster they will have the know how, and between being able to generate seeds that will grow during a disaster and the cost of food, they will make a fortune.
Q-When do you see this food being grown?
A-Spring of 2013, it will start being tested, it will probably be really available commercial wise the following year.
Q-Is this food safe to eat?
A-I just got an image of Stoffers frozen lasagna, so I would say safe as a frozen meal but it is going to lack a certain level of nourishment.  You can survive on it.
Q-Why are the government involved, won't Monsanto be the only one profiting?
A-The name FDA came, like I could see it, and I do not know what branch of government that monitors the food, maybe it is the FDA, but my impression is that they get a huge kickback from the profits.
Q-Does any of this have anything to do with So Called Chem-trails?
A-Hmm..My impression is yes and I will tell you why.  I am seeing an image of a plane flying across the sky, it is leaving a chem-trail.  As it's sprinkled down on a crop of corn, I am watching the corn shrivel up, turn brown and die.  So my impression is that when farmers see the volatility in their crops, selling the a seed that is going to guarantee a crop is a fairly easy sell.
Q-So you are saying that they are trying to make an environment that is inhospitable to natural crops, in order push Genetically modified crops?

A-As it was mentally explained to me, the main priority is to be able to control the weather, as a result of trying to control the weather, they have created an unstable environment and hurt a lot of food sources.  Monsanto saw this problem, came up with a fix, presented it to the agricultural part of the government, and saw a huge way to make money, so it was a win win win for every government party participating.
Q-Do you see food prices increasing and when?
A-Food prices are on a steady rise now, but I think the big jump is going to occur next fall.  So fall 2013.
Q-What percentage increase?
A-The image I got was a bag of Doritos shrinking in size and then I saw the number 15%, so it looks like food prices will go up 15% but the size you are getting is also decreasing.
Q-Will people starve?
A-There will be a lot more soup kitchens, and what I see them handing out looks like a bowl of white grits.  I see people gathered around eating these grits like it is the best thing in the world, like these poor people.  My impression is that the government instead of letting people starve and creating upheaval, they supply these soup kitchens with ample, ample amounts to provide for anyone who needs it.  They are eating these white grits and they love it.
Q-Is there an agenda to replace all natural food sources GMOs?
A-It looks like they are clumping together naturally growing food with Organic food and all of that type of food will be sold places like whole foods and it is not that they are discouraging naturally growing food, but with the unstable weather and small crop yields the price of natural and organic food will skyrocket to where average people cannot afford to buy a lot of  it, so that is how the artificial food gets it foothold in the marketplace, because they are going to yield a good crop every year.
Q-If Chem-trails are causing crops to die and weather variability, why don't they stop spraying them?
A-I have this feeling because it is like a military weapon.   Other countries have the ability to control weather and we want to make sure out technology is up to par, so if there is ever a weather war we are able to be fully prepared and have top notch technology.
Q-With all the crazy weather, especially today, are there currently any weather wars going on now?
A-I do not think so.
Q-Is there anything we should know?   A-No  
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Anonymous said...

Russian and Chinese military all over usa.they are here to disarm
America.they are going to hit towns
and areas all over.they will come in by helicopter and planes and take over neighborhoods.this is as
real as the sun please America start researching what im telling you.the war is against the people
of this country.get right with god

Psychic Focus said...

They are hear as an "illusion" to help us. As if we are all friends. I sense that a trigger event will happen, and which place they will be at war with us on our own soil. Them being here now just creates that convenience for what is later to happen. It is strategic I'm afraid.