Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who was/Is Gallizur, the Revealer of the Rock?

9:43 PM - Well I am picturing this guy, I think he was thought of as God...Um it appears to be ancient times, and he is wearing a big long robe, white made out of Muslim material and it is belted around his waist, and he is carrying and enormous staff.  And I think he was viewed to have, I am seeing a picture of him with wings, and I cannot tell if they are viewing him with actual wings, or if this is a literal, or he is said to have wings as the stories of him have passed down.  This rock that he is presenting, looks to be dark with cracks in it, and I see a super bright light emitting from the cracks.  People are sitting around in a circle and as he lays this rock down, it looks like their bodies are absorbing the light, and they have this awestruck look on their faces, like they received some type of ultimate knowledge and understanding or some type of emotion.  Like the look you would have if you reached an epiphany.  I am getting and image, still of again of him standing their with these people, and it is almost like they are bowing down to him like a God.  That is all I am getting if you  want to ask me some questions you can.
Q-Who, what, when, where?
A-I view him as like a god, I cannot tell if he was an actual person or an Alien, but I feel as these stories were told from generation to generation, he was viewed in a godlike manner, he was not viewed as a common person, not even a king, he was viewed much higher, with very high regard.
Q-What was his source of power or enlightenment.
A-A..I just got a picture of a pyramid.  I see what looks like this guy meditating by a pyramid, but as he is meditating with his legs crossed, he is actually levitating off the ground by about 3 feet.  Also as I see him mediating, I have a strong impression that he had a very deep understanding in connection with a universal consciousness and it weird it is almost like I in my thoughts as I am thinking of him, I can feel him communication with the universal knowledge through mental thoughts.
Q-When was he alive or significant and to whom.
A-I am getting the numbers 1,7,3,4.  1734 would be my best guess.  I am seeing a lot of sand, and at first I kinda went to the area where their is all the holy land, and then I am thinking northern Africa because of the pyramids, but I keep snapping back to that holy land area.
Q-Can you try to make contact with him?
A-Hm....For some reason I am getting a pretty strong image of um. like Rome, it looks like Rome with the big white pillars.  And like I see chariots and stuff like that...Actually I cant tell if it is Rome or Greece.  Then that movie 300 just came in my mind.  It is like it trying to tell me to have me distinguish, I think it is Rome but I do not know if I am reading it right.
Q-Ask like, Pope or Giros?
A-Well i just saw the pope with his beanie hat.  Yeah I am seeing those shoes that lace crisscrossed like up to your knee caps.  I am seeing streets made out of cobble stone looking stuff.  I am getting  a really weird tight feeling in my chest, I do not know what that is about... and that is all I am getting so maybe I got it, or it has given up.  I did just now get a quick snapshot of a statue that is made of this dude (Gallizur).  I is just a stone statue of him, nothing significant about it.  Then that is it. (Note:  I will have to Google this later because this is the first I have ever heard this character and now I am curious) 10:04 PM

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He is also known as Archangel Raziel (Secrets of God), Gallizur is an alternative name if you are googling him. I was interested if historic angels are really advanced extraterrestrial beings, so that's an interesting reading!