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Who created the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal skull and for what purpose? Is it in good hands now?

This is the only picture she viewed before the reading
8:18 PM - Here are some pictures of it
A-That one that you showed me, that is not the real one is it?
Q-I do not know, that is all I know I assume it is, but just go with what you got.
A-I am flooded with stuff and I cannot tell what is right or not or exactly how to decipher it.  I can just tell you what I got....I am getting that it was made by either by the Indians or the Chinese, but somewhere down south in Asia.  From there I got that the Egyptians obtained it and I feel it was through some kind of bartering system in which the obtained it.  When they got they held it with some really high regard.  I mean I almost see it sitting up high, like it was high up on some type of stake or fashioned on some type of pillar during the time when the pharaohs had possession over it.  And I am getting an image of the sun shining down on the skull and then the rays being amplified out through like the eyes, it kinda makes me feel like it some kind of a sun dial.  But then I feel like you fast-forward a few year, a couple of generations worth, and then I see like this African tribe sitting in a circle with skull in the center, and they are rubbing the head or top of it, as if it possessed some type of medicinal or magical power.  Truthfully I feel like it is still over there in Africa, so that is why I am a little thrown off when I am seeing a picture of it online as if we have it or know where it is at.  I feel like it is being held as some type of scared item by an African tribe.  But then again I had a series of events play out in my head and I am not sure how they interrelate.  If you want to ask me some questions to tidy it up you can.
Q-How old is it?
A-See I getting like 1200, so that is why I am getting confused.
Q-Don't get confused get rid of all your assumptions.  Don't assume anything.  How did you see it?
A-I just saw the number 1200, I do not know if it is 1200 years old, or 1200 BC, I am not sure.
Q- -Non Transcribed conversation-
A-At first I thought it was the age, but now I am seeing the letters B C carved in stone, so I am pretty sure it was the year 1200 BC.
Q-Did mankind make this skull?
A-I am seeing a man working on it, he is using something that looks like a soldering iron.  He also has something in his hand that look like a circular sanding thing you would put on a dremel.
Q-Are these prehistoric tools?
A-The actually look kind of modern,  but the time looks old if that makes sense.
Q-Describe the man, his dress.
A-He has on a white long looking gown type of clothes.  It is man but his shirt is long like a dress, he's got colored thread or embroidery around then next and bottom of his shirt.  He is dark skinned, I originally thought they were Asian, but this gentleman looks more either Indian or possibly Egyptian, but dark skinned like that.  I 60% Indian, 40% Egyptian.  He has a white head wrap on, dark beard, brown eyes, he's barefoot, and that is all I can see.
Q-Why was it created?
A-I see that guy I described standing by the skull, and he is going Ta-Da, my impression is that he is trying to dazzle the people with what he can do.  And I think that he has kind of kept his technology a secret, or his possession of his technology a secret so it is even more miraculous when he presents this.  As as side note: I think there might even exist interchangeable jaw that can fit in with it.  Because when I focus on it, from time to time the face looks different.
Q-The face or the jaw?
A-Like the lower jaw which seems to give the overall face a different appearance.
Q-Where did he get the raw material.  It is made out of Quartz.
A-As soon as you said that, I got an image of the pyramid and how I thought it had a clear crystal on the top and it was shooting it's electric straight up in the air.  So I believe the same material that was up on top of the pyramid is what this thing is made out of.  And as far as where they got it let me think about that...Alright, I do not really want to go down this path but I see the hand of one of those 3 fingered aliens, handing him this stone as a gift.  I believe that is where the tool / technology as well came from for him to create this.
Q-Why would aliens supply this to human?
A-I do not know, it feel like a thank you.  Like Thank You, here is a present.  That is really all I got.
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Update:  I was curious because I was confused with the name, I thought the Mitchell-Hedges was the carver and I was wondering why I was being asked who created it.  After the reading I felt I was way off and I went to the website and to my surprise some I made some connections that I thought I totally missed especially the alien connection.

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