Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What will happen or become of Julian Assange and are we getting the whole story from the media? Cheers

7:54 PM - I do see a guy running down the steps of a government building as if he is trying to run away from it.  My impression is that he has nothing to gain from what he is leaking.  I keep thinking the word freedom fighter.  I see what looks like military people guarding him, trying to protect him, as if he is going into hiding.  He was put into a plain black car and it is driving away.  I can see him and he has a desperate look on his face and he seems sincere and desperate and he is mouthing the word "Just listen to what I have to say".   My impression is that he is going into hiding, but yet he fully accepts or expects that he is going to be killed.  I am getting the word treason, people are accusing him of treason, but whatever the secrets he ratted out, and whoever he implicated, they would rather see him dead than have to be put on trial and go into any further details.  You can start asking me questions.
Q-Are we getting the whole story from the media?
A-I am getting that he posted something online and whatever the website is end in a .org.  If you search for the truth you will find it, but it is not going to be broadcast and spoon fed to you.
Q-Can you focus specifically on who wants him dead?
A-The name "Concrite" or something similar to that came to mind.
Q-Can you describe this person, male / female
A-Older male, white hair, short on sides, bald on top.  Average build, nothing distinguishing  about him, looks American.
Q-What did Julian reveal about this guy?
A-I am seeing a picture of a bright red neck tie, and then I heard the phrase, "Red Tie Scandal", whatever that means.
Q-What / Who does the Red Tie Scandal affect?
A-I got and image of a bunch of Indian men and they are dressed American but are Indian in nationality.
Q-What is this in regards to?
A-I am seeing big huge building, so it looks like international business, or some type of international business.
Q-What area or field does it relate to, finance, military, personal...
A-It looks financial to me, maybe some kind of banking system.
Q-Do you see Assange being murdered in the near future?
A-I would say withing the next six months.
Q-How will it happen?
A-I see him being shot like by a sniper.
Q-Based on what he knows or on what he already revealed.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No, I did not feel like a lot came through to me on this reading.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you. He is a very brave man & I will pray for him, a true hero. He is the Australian journalist who published the wikileaks or internal government cabals revealing their lies, provided by American Bradley Manning. Bless both of their bright Souls.