Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is the real purpose of the mass production of UAVs or drones?

5:05 PM - I see them hovering over mass populations, for example, I see hundreds of people walking clustered on the streets of New York.  I see them watching the people like police.  I feel like they are roboticized police.  I also see people sitting in this big control centers and they are moving the drones around just watching the population in their day to day life.  My impression is that they are trying to make sure that their is no civil unrest.  I am seeing two guys in a fist fight, and as soon as the drone picks it up there is like 6 cops right their at the scene to stop it.  It looks like a tool to prevent rioting or looting or really large group collecting together for any reason without the law enforcement being knowledgeable of the situation.  I am also getting an image of looking up into the sky, it looks like a silver Mylar balloon, but really it is a drone.  The way it came to me was almost saying, hey look how stealthy I can spy on you.  I am here in plain sight you can see me, but odds are you won't.  I can spy on any aspect of your life.  I am also getting another image of a person on the ground and they are super freaking paranoid of these drones.  I do not know what their agenda is (the paranoid person), or why they are paranoid, but it seems like they are spotting them out rather easily once they look for them.  I just got a picture of the White House...My impression is that they are using drones as some type of defense for it or security for the White House.  My impression is also that using drones is fairly new, it is still in the experimentation phase, and even though it is useful on our own people, we are still trying to gain knowledge about the technology.  And once we do, we are going to start using the drone technology in other areas of the world.  I think we are already doing it, but it is going to be scaled up.
Q-Who is controlling the drones?
A-Military, but they are involved with government, but it is military operated.  Then I just heard homeland security.
Q-Are they for our protection, or the protection of the government?
A-When I saw the people in the control center controlling it, my impression is that they are selling it as being for our protection and that why we willing to give up our privacy.  However, the big picture is that our government is scared to death of civil unrest and they want to be able to stop any possible problem from the get go.
Q-Why do they fear civil unrest?
A-I just got an image of like 30 civilians to one military person, so it seems to me civilians highly outnumber the military.  So it would be hard to regain control if control ever got lost.
Q-Does the government know something that we should know?
A-I got an image of a house built out of a deck of cards, and I do not know how to interpret that or what that means.
Q-Does the Dept of Homeland security intend to use them only for surveillance, or would they use them as offensive weapons against the civilians.
A-I just saw a um, little mini spaceship with a laser beam shoot out of it, so to me that means yes they will use them as weapons.
Q-What are the drones weaknesses?
A-Hmm, this is weird, I just saw a person, they were looking at the drone, and they held up a mirror that was two ft by two ft, like a big as mirror, like a shield, and it shorted it out.  I do not know if that makes any sense.  Like it just could not read it.  I seemed like it only screwed up the signal to the drone for like a minute and then it resets itself, but there is something about the reflectivity of the mirror that will mess with disrupt the signal or feed, like the feed will look like static, then it will reset itself.
Q-Should civilians be fearful of them?
A-My initial impression is no, but I did get some weird sense of paranoia go through my body.
Q-Other than a mirror shield is there any other way to combat or destroy the drones?
A-I do not know, but I heard the word magnet, then I heard the phrase Ee  Mm Pee.
Q-What is President Obama's view on drones?
A-Hmmm...I heard the phrase, big brother, and then I heard him laugh, but I do not think it was a genuine laugh, like he is trying to hide his feelings and I cannot decipher either way.
Q-How many drones are in use over the US today, and then 5 years from now?
A-I got the number 1137, then the second number I got is, 5..4..027.  54,027
Q-Are any of these drones now or in the future armed?
Q-In the next 5 years will any attack civilians on US soil?
A-Well I keep seeing New York, and I keep seeing one being shot out, into some people, and then I see another one doing the same thing in California.  I think it is around Los Angeles.  And then that is all I got.
Q-Can you describe one in the future?
A-What it looks like?...Um..the image i get keeps taking back to the front headlight of the car, like the large viewing area in the front, and the rest encased in silver.  And then I see what looks like a computer PC fan, one on the top, and one on the bottom.
Q-What does it resemble to you, if you were to see it,
A-I am saying if you pulled out a headlight of a car but on a much bigger scale.
Q-Is there anything else we should know?
A-No, I do not think so.  5:37 PM.

Update:  When thinking later about the house of cards, I then saw a humming bird come flying near it, the impression is that I got was like the government is sitting in this house of cards and when the humming bird comes near it they are about to shit their pants in fear.  Also, when doing the reading, I did not get the full number, I just got digits, after reviewing I saw that 54,027 drones would be over US.  I did not believe that number so I Google drones over US.  Here is a link. and another for Depart of Homeland security and public safety.  I will have to say, I knew nothing about drones or what a UAV was till after doing this reading request.  No I feel like I will have one outside my house when I go to leave tonight.  Thanks for the great question.


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Thanks for the great info! EMP possibly electro-magnetic pulses?

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I just looked into Hummingbird symbolism (coincidentally we have some newly nesting on our porch!) & they represent spiritual ressurection!

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That is so strange that you posted the hummingbird link, I visited it an t reminded me of what I refer to as my protector spirit. It is a white wolf. I use it as my favicon on my website. When I vision questions for myself many times this white wolf with blue eyes has me follow it in my visions. I guess this could be my "Totem Animal"

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Here is an updated video that covers much of what you refer to, kind of cute but touches on a very serious subject.