Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What do you think of the shooting and killings that took place at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin yesterday? Is it a genuinely separate case of a hate crime or is it politically motivated like the Colorado incident to bring gun control by targeting the very community that stands for one's personal right to arms?

A-As soon as I focus on it, I envision that movie copy cat, so I feel like what happened in Colorado was it's own deal but then it got people thinking, and I do think you (person making focus request) are completely right that Wisconsin is a tactic to try and reign in gun control.  I am actually seeing a map of the US and it has cross hairs on it, and it is like moving around, like when you breath and aim, and then it gets really still and then it shoots on Wisconsin.  What is strange is that I am seeing another one of those in California.  It is like it is trying to tell me San Jose, and I do not know if something happened or is going to happen.  Like I could not move on with my thought until I got that out.  I am getting an image of 6 military people in their uniforms and they are standing on a stage, I feel like it is telling me the military is involved the political people.  Yes, and it feels like the military are almost like the ones lobbying the political people to get guns out of the civilians hands, and only allow them in the military hands.  It is like the military is all for guns, but only for them.  And as soon as I said that, I saw a big black dude with a Beret, and he gave me a salute.  In my mind I said, why them (victims)?  And I heard the phrase back "Collateral Damage"  which is completely opposite of how I felt in Colorado, where in Colorado I feel they had an intentional target, but here it was just an act of violence.
Q-Was it a hate crime?
A-No I think it was like a protest type of think, like you are in favor of guns, I will show you what guns do.
Q-Who's thinking is that?
A-I am getting a picture of a woman, I do not know if she is a politician, she has straight chin length hair and wears a lot of reddish lipstick.
Q-What I am asking, is the shooter self motivated, or as you eluded earlier did the military put him up to it?
A-I do not really know much about the story, but my impression is that the person that did it was either in the military or ex-military, and this was secrete mission of some kind.
Q-Did the shooter feel he was justified?
A-Yeah, I see him high five-ing someone, like I got the job done.
Q-Going back to California, San Jose, can you try to focus on this event further, and determine if it is something you should warn others about. When, Where, Who, Using What, Why, any of that.
A-I feel like it is a government building, and then I see the word court house chiseled in stone, and it is going to be outside...I am getting 8-19, I do not know if this means Aug 19th....I am seeing it as like a single guy, like machine gun looking thing, weapon.
Q-Describe him.
A-He is dressed all in black and completely covered up, I am thinking parked somewhere and he shows up on a motorcycle and just gets the hell out of dodge.  I think half of his license plate is ZFQ, I think it is the last half.  That is kinda all I am getting.
Q-How many people die or are injured?
A-I am getting 11..
Q-Are they specifically targeted or random
A-Completely random.
Q-What is the shooters motivation?
A-I want to say money.
Q-Who is paying him?
A-I heard the phrase senate bill 5, and then it led me down the path that it is political, but it is being driven by one of the senators out there.
Q-Should we warn them, and can this be prevented?
A-To be honest, I would not know how to really warn them, It is like I am going on feelings and impressions, I would not know how to approach it to anybody.
Q-Again, can it be prevented, or it the future set?
A-I feel there is always free will, so yes things can change, but I see this happening.
Q-So do you feel all three events are to attack the 2nd amendment?
Q-Will they succeed?
A-No, No I do not think they will.
Q-Will they strengthen it?
A-I see the people with guns bonding together even closer.
Q-Will this shooter be caught?
A-No I do not see that, they may have a decoy but the real shooter will not.  
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Anonymous said...

Thank you, very much. We, as the people of this planet, must always maintain our awareness because true freedom has always come at the price of vigilance. You have been amazing.

PsychicFocus said...

Thank you and I could not agree with you more!