Friday, August 10, 2012

What can you pick on Guru Nanak? Did he really reach American soil? What was his ambition?

11:10 AM - The first image that I get is Jack Sparrow off of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, so I feel as though he was viewed kinda like a pirate, like at first he said he wanted to come this way to find riches or fame?? And then the word medicinal came in my mind, maybe in hopes of making some kind of medicines.  I think people looked at him like he kind of like a joke before he set to America.  I see him on a wooden boat, with a fairly small crew, maybe like 6-7 people. In my mind I envision him looking like Jack Sparrow, maybe that is just how it relates to me.  I feel like he did make it here.  I am envisioning him talking with Native American Indians, they are standing on a beach with sand but there are a lot of rocks on it too.  My impression is that he made it along with a couple in his crew, but the others died.  I see him making friends like with the Indians.  My impression is that the Indians  somehow accepted him into their tribe along with the other two people that survived the trip.  Somehow the Indians kind of looked up to him.  I feel like he got incorporated into their way of life and never went back not because he couldn't but because he did not want to.  If you want to start asking me questions you can, that is kinda where my story ended.
Q-What time is this in?
A-I had a couple different things pop in my mind, the first was 1400, and the second one was 1200 and it keeps going back and forth and back and forth, so I really cannot distinguish an exact time.
Q-To confirm he did make it to America?
Q-Where did he land or where was he based.
A-I keep going back and forth between California and Florida, but I am leaning towards California, 75% California.
Q-What was his ambition?
A-His ambition?  I think  he was looking for Gold and possibly learning about medicine?
Q-Was he wise?
A-Yes, I do not think people gave him credit that but he was, it was like he was talked about more after he took this adventure than before.
Q-Was he respected in his time?
A-Yes I feel like he was respected, but more so because of this adventure, not as much prior to it.
Q-Did he find what he was looking for?
A-Yes I feel like he did.
Q-Did he help others?
A-Yes I feel like he did have good intentions, and I feel like he did learn some medicinal properties from the Indians.
Q-What country of origin?
A-Hmm-I envision him as kinda dark skinned, so I feel like he was middle eastern.  That is kinda it..  
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Anonymous said...

I only wanted to see what you can pick up. Guru Nanak is founder of the sikh religion. And it is still uncertain as to whether he really reached America, but some sources say he did. He was born in 1469 but if he was on American soil it would have been in the 1500's. He is the most traveled singing preacher. He did return home, India. Maybe I should not have used the word 'ambition' in my question, but I only wanted to disguise him despite his obvious name. He was maybe the first to fight against slavery and slave-trading when it was most prevalent. You were close on the Middle Eastern look hehe. Interesting read :)

PsychicFocus said...

Thank you for your feedback. I am still new at this, so getting comments helps a lot. I think need to trust my gut, and be more literal when I see an image- for example, when I saw Jack Sparrow, maybe the pirate look with the fabric around his head and jewelry was the way the spirit was showing me his appearance (and quite possibly his personality as well). I am still trying to learn how to interpret images and learn when things are just images and when feelings/impressions come into play.

Thank you for your feedback. This was interesting.

Anonymous said...

You are right, he did wear a turban and had flowing beard. His Guruship was succeeded by nine more over a span of 200 years and they created a revolution spiritually and politically. Thank you.