Friday, August 17, 2012

Namaste~ I am LT born 5 -21- 63. I am gifted,and am concerned if I am in the right area for the upcoming events? I have felt drawn to be here as was my daughter. We are in San Jose Cal.I believe we are Human Angels.... is that true?I believe in Love and Forgive as a key.... My family is being watched (?). I have seen the ships blink out after I send them love.Can you see by who?

9:45 PM A-Ah lord......Just ask me one question at a time, I can only focus on one thing at one.
Q- LT born May 21-1963 is concerned if San Joe California is the right area for upcoming events?
A-I see downtown San Jose area showing some civil unrest, and it looks like either protesting or small riots.  But it looks central to the downtown area.  The people doing the rioting are wearing light weight jackets.  So that is telling me this is during the fall time of the year.  As long as they are not in the downtown part of the city things look ok for the rest of this year.  However, I have always felt and I am also now seeing California's beaches getting hit with incredible sized waves. And it looks like there is going to be a lot of flooding.  I think it is going to flood gradually and people on the coast are going to get displaced.  San Jose seems like a place that will receive a lot of refugees before it also experiences some flooding.  So I do not feel they are in immediate danger where they are at, but pay attention to what is going on climate change wise in that area, and it would not hurt to have a backup plan that is more inland.
Q-Are LT and his daughter Human Angels?
A-Ok....How do I want to say this?..Without having met LT it is hard to say either way.  But what I do see is an adult's shadow, and they are holding a child's hands and from behind them I can kinda see a glow of white light.  And it looks like they have angels or spirits with them.  And these are actually, life size.  When I typically see them they kinda look miniature on your shoulder.  So you definitely have some very positive energy around you that is guiding you and maybe that high force of good energy helps you to feel that angelic quality.
Q-LT wants to know if they are being watched by ships that blink out after LT sends them love, and if they are being watched by who.
A-Hmm....Ok..So when you put a strong intention and put a lot of energy into focusing that intention it gets put into the universal knowledge that other beings can also tap into.  So they vision I am getting is:  Someone focusing their loving intention and then in return from the sky I see a bright red flashing light and when I ask myself who it is, it immediately gives me a vision of the "Greys".   And I actually have an image of one smiling at me right now?  Which made sense to me once I saw it play out because they are interested in us in the way a parent is interested in a child.  And that is why they are signaling back to let you know that they got your message.
Q-Do they have teeth?
A-I do not see teeth.

Personal Note: LT - I will say after reading your question I was a little skeptical on some of the items, but I still try to remove my preconceived notions and do true and fair reading.  I will have to say I DO FEEL that this Love / Blinking out is really happening to you.  
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