Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My name is Sture Davidsson and i wanted you to focus on my career. I feel like i am supposed to be doing something much bigger and better with my life, please help me? DOB is 04/12/1977, living in Costa Mesa CA

9:10 PM - The first thing I see is a guy he is wearing like a shirt and tie, he is in an office building, I feel like he does something with either computers or software, something in the tech world, and he kinda hates it.  I feel like he wants a change but he is scared because of his financial obligations.  I feel like he is tied to this job.  Now I see like this same guy, and the way it is being shown to me is:  On a TV commercial this guy is a teacher, at either a joint-vocational school or a college, this specific one I am seeing is MIT.  And he is still teaching in the same career field that he is in, but he is more hands on and involved and he is enjoying it, he is happy.  So my advice is to explore your options and listen to that voice in your head and weigh all your decision and do what is right for you.
Q-To clarify, you feel he should be teaching his field?
A-Yes his engineering software computer whatever it is he is doing.
Q-Is there any confirmation messages for Sture?
A-I am getting an Image of an American flag and on the tip of the flagpole there is a gold eagle and it is super shiny and bright.  That is the only thing I got.  
9:17 PM. Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Everything you have said is true and thank you for pointing me in a very interesting direction that i've never considered. You have a very special gift and it is really cool that you are willing to share this with others.

Psychic Focus said...

Sture you are very welcome and I am glad to be of service. I hope you well in all your endeavors. Thank you for you feedback it is always appreciated.