Friday, August 10, 2012

My name is Christopher W. Born Feb.24th 1971. I live in Northwest Florida along the coast. Do you see this coastal area affected and having people displaced?

9:09 PM - Well I am kind of seeing Florida on a map, and it is like I am watching the tide rise, and as the tide is rising and the waves are splashing in and out, I do see the water affecting the coastline...I do not see it being like a tsunami type thing, but it looks like to me is, as the tides come in, they quit going back as far, and they just keep inching up and up along the coast.  And it looks to me that, they do not go inland radically, but I would say that if you are probably within 5 miles of the coastline, you are going to experience like some flooding, so anybody who is really close to the beach, I feel IS going to be displaced.  And as the water starts to rise, I do not see it receding anytime soon...Now that I am a little more zoned in I would like to change that 5 miles to like 2 miles.  I also am envisioning a highway that people in Florida would probably highly recognize that goes parallel with the coastline, and I do not know what highway that is but, I see water inching almost right up to it.  So I guess that would be a better indicator if you are familiar with that area as to the levels.  So my impression is if you are West of that highway I think you will be OK.  Note the way it played out in my mind, is I saw Florida, and the Highway I am referring to ran down the eastern coast,  and the water level slowly rose until it hit the highway.  I know you are on the west coast, but this is what I am seeing.  Let me see if I can specifically see the west coast....When I look at the western part of Florida, I think they are also going to have issues with the tides, but it is going to be much more subtle than on the east side.  I think they are going to see higher than normal tides, but it might only affect the inland by 50 to 75 feet.  Businesses that are immediately on the coastline, or houses that are directly on the coastline with lower lying elevation will have some flooding and displacement, but I do not see it being disastrous, I think it is going to be a pain for those individuals but I do not see thousands of people being displaced.  Do you want to ask me some questions because I am not getting much more than the tides coming in.
Q-When you come to the end of a reading, you can always ask, when, and why, they will always be my first questions.
A-When is this going to happen?  I keep getting March, and I think it has to do with summer solstice.  I am getting the middle of March but I do not want to pin it down there yet, but I am also getting a picture of a full moon.  So something about March and a full moon, I think that is when you are going to start to see these changes.
Q-I have a strange image, and I do not know if I need to tell you so you can put it in words, Ok the moon is overhead, earth is below, and then like that thick rubber belt like that is on a belt sander is like strapped around the earth and the moon, and then I am picturing the earth rotating and wobbling at the same time, it is holding on to this gravity of the moon, or maybe the moons gravity is holding on to us, basically it is like our gravitation force with the moon is like being tested somehow and it is creating havoc with us and our oceans.
Q-Is the moon and earth interlinked like the sprockets on a bicycle?
A-Yeah but instead of a chain more like a thick rubber band, it reminded me of a belt sander from the side.
Q-Are these changes permanent?
A-Well I am getting an image on a treadmill like you get when you are doing interval training.  So it looks to me like once we are through this, it will last a little while but then it is going to level out, at least as far as that crazy wobbling.  I am just seeing one of the intervals.  I saw a spike spike spike spike, downward trend the straight line.
Q-What should Christopher do to prepare himself, or should he?
A-I actually feel that he is OK to be honest.
Q-Is there anything else?  A-No I do not think so.  9:36 PM. 

Note after looking at a map, I think the water on the East coast will rise to Highway 95.  I really do think that.  I would not want to live there.  But I think where he is he will be ok.  I do not think he is in any danger.  Chris, on a final note, I do not know if you have something with your eyes, or trouble with them or you are having eye problems. but after your reading my eyes were really hazy.  I had to mentally disconnect from you to get my eyes working properly.   I was actually weirded  out and thought I was having some type of problem. I have never had that with my eyes before.  I just felt I had to tell you that.  
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