Sunday, August 19, 2012

I've been having heart and brain medical issues due to smart meter technology/exposure. Do you see me surviving the EMF radiation assault on my body this year and through out next year? Do you see me finding a way to protect myself from these energies? And finally, do you see me regaining my health within the next five years or passing on?

12:28 PM - Just ask me one at a time and let me think about that.
Q-Do you see Eileen surviving the EMF radiation?
A-Well I get an image of a lady and she is holding her hands over her ears, and she is sort of leaning over, and it looks like she is having a lot of headaches, because of what is going on.  Actually I can feel pain inside my ears.  I do see her surviving, but it looks like she may go through some rough times, but she should stick with it and better times will be coming for her.
Q-Do you see a way for her to protect herself from these energies?
A-I see her standing and it looks like she has rocks in her hand, maybe she believes in crystals..I do not know what the name of it is but it is a dark colored one.  And my impression is that it almost grounds her so whatever she is feeling transfers through her into the ground, rather than holding tight to her body and causing harm it passes through her.  So she might want to research what different crystals or rocks do, but the one I am seeing is dark colored almost black, I don't know what it is called.
Q-Do you see her regaining her health withing the next 5 years or passing on?
A-I will say when I answered the first question, I saw her in a wheel chair or sitting, but it looked like a wheel chair.  When I answered the second question she was actually standing up.  So my impression is that the spirit is trying to show me that she is improving and when she was standing and holding the black rocks, she looked very functional to me.  I think she is getting better.
Q-So you do not see her passing on in the next 5 years.
A-I do not.
Q-Is the direction she is heading in her current work going as can be expected, or are there avenues she has not explored?
A-I can see her standing in front of a small group of people, it looks like they are at a library.  And she is having a discussion, so possibly organizing small group get togethers and discussing books, or her journals, or her writings would be an avenue that would be of interest.
Q-Should she lean more on writing articles based on "Wisdom Teachings" or just posting on others forums.
A-She should do both, if that is what makes her happy.  Do not completely eliminate one if she enjoys doing it.
Q-Any confirmations for her?
A-Hmm.. Let me think..I am seeing a piano keyboard, I am also seeing a picture hanging on a wall, I cannot tell what it is of but it has red and blue in it.  It has got a velvet texture to it,  either what is in the picture has a velvet texture to it or the picture itself has a velvet texture to it.  I also see a big wooden staircase, it has big knobby ends on the banister, and I see a grandfather clock....a wooden antique wardrobe....I feel like I am being taken through some sort of old Victorian home...I do not think it is her house but maybe her grandparents house.  That is kinda all I got, but she came through pretty strong.  12:44 PM
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reading focus session (I don't have your name).

Yes, ETs already mentioned the Tibetan black quartz crystals (in conjuction with orgone technology) to me through another on-line poster (john kettler).re: me holding onto a crystal (to deal with EMF).

I ordered one made for me on-line...but for some reason it fell through (the order). I let it go because I read on one website that orgone technology doesn't work with smart meters. So I was checking on that before I continued. So I will keep checking on this approach.

Thanks for the feedback.

re: confirmation
I don't know about the victorian house mentioned. And of course my older relatives (if this is to show you can see my past??) had older style homes that I use to regularly visit (perhaps you see one of those). I regularly remote view my past myself.
And I did play the piano when I was young, ages 6-8 (but let it go because I enjoyed hearing it more than playing it).

I am not clear on how the small groups and discussions or writings will occur. And I keep at it. Developing skill sets that lead me there (where I feel most needed). So I look forward to these types of gatherings happening for me.

Yes, in a way, I feel like it is similar to being in a wheel chair. I had that insight years ago and it scared me then. But now that I am disabled (though can walk...just lots of problems with my back..etc.) it doesn't really matter as much...I mean I stopped getting angry about it.

And of course, getting stronger would be necessary in order to do small gatherings. Just a fact (as I keep telling source).

Thanks so much. let me know if there is a way to donate.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I see the name now.
Thanks Heather.

Still don't recall a two story Victorian house. I had poor relatives. All lived in one story non-Victorian houses. But I probably fantasized about being in one often enough (up until I let that idea go).

Anonymous said...

ps: Thanks for the five year information. Gives me more of an idea what to plan for (as I wasn't planning much in for a 'future' due to the severity of my illnesses...plural).

PSS. Have you figured out why some readings show future events happening to the people you are reading and some don't?

Does this mean people have an individual reality?

just curious

Anonymous said...

pss: by future events I mean earth disasters.