Friday, August 3, 2012

Is Barrack Obama a clone? Where was he born and why do I sense something really odd or not real about him?

On my drive home today I got a few things about Obama and I wanted to get them down before I forgot them.  I don't even remember the full question but this is what I got so far, it was weird my mind almost went back in time almost 20 some years to where he was a college student, and I see older business people viewing him like when he is doing a debate or something he did in college, and they were looking at him like a scout looks at an athlete, as if they were trying to find people to recruit for a.. their agenda.  And then I got an image of what looked like several different college students, they are standing on a stage, they range from being black women, to white men, black men, all types of people, there were like 8 of them of various types of ethnicity. And above them, above their heads they are labeled either republican or democrat and they have strings hanging from them like  marionette  dolls, they are not talking, but it is like someone who I cannot see is controlling their arms and legs like marionette dolls.  And the strange thing is I noted is there is no libertarian party, no like tea party, there is no alternatives, just republican and democrat like they are competing with only one another.  Um..what was strange too was that the audience consisted of business men, I saw no women, and they were voting on what marionette they like best.  And then um, that image faded away, and then that YouTube cartoon video you showed me (Her husband) , that had the guy that started the bank originally, that guy was laughing and carrying his suitcase around.  Like he prospered from this marionette show, and that was all I got.
Q-Is he a clone
A-Not a clone but almost a puppet for someone else.  And to answer the question about being real, so many times when I have focused on him, even prior to this reading, I always see him and his mouth is disconnected from his head, and his mouth looks like chattering teeth to me.  His head is in the background and his chattering teeth have the focus.  My impression is that what he says...Isn't necessarily what is in his mind or what he thinks.
Q-Where was he born?
A-Where as he born, where was he born...Ah, man I just got a weird concept and my hands started sweating.   And I do not know if it is true, when I focused on him I heard the word "Twin", and then I focused on that word, and feel like he has possibly a brother, or someone he is very close to that is male.  And that he (Obama) really was born in Africa, his brother or this other male person was the one born in Hawaii, and they forged the documents and flip flopped them.  That is all I got.

Q-Does Obama know for sure where he was born?
A-Yes and I see the chattering teeth again.
Q-Will he win the next election?
A-I got and image of his face, with huge white overly exaggerated teeth, and it said yes.  It him in a huge caricature saying Yeeeesss.  Reminds me of the way a Disney cartoon horse would speak.
Q-Will there be any controversy or disruption surrounding his election?
A-It is like my gut is telling me yes, but I am not getting supporting evidence of why I would say that, I just feel that.
Q-Will there be any staged or real assassination attempt on Obama?
A-I do not see anything like that.
Q-Does Obama truly care for the American people / public?
A-I am getting this image of him..and he is standing up, and he is moving as if his hands are tied, but I do not seeing anything tying his hands.   Like some type of invisible rope, he is struggling as if trying to move but the ropes are invisible.  He is like a mime, he is going through the motions of being tide, but nothing is tying him.
Q-Is this an act, like a mime, or does he truly believe his is tied?
A-Hmm....I am getting an image of him and Michelle looking up in the sky, like they are paranoid that something or someone maybe is watching them.  So Yes, I think he genuinely feels like his hands are tied.
Q-Is Obama aware or believe in extraterrestrials?
A-Mmm..I would say yes, I think he is fascinated by them, I think once he got the Presidency he used his status to force himself in so he could get a tour of that area out in Arizona.
Q-Do you mean Area-51?
Q-Did he meet any live extraterrestrials
A-No, I am viewing him touring it like a museum, and the military is escorting him around.
Q-Is the military entertaining him, but hiding the full picture from him?
A-I just got the term in my head, Need to Know.  Coming from the military side, so possibly they did hide it from him as a need to know basis.
Q-Do you have anything else you would like to add.
A-No I feel pretty complete, but as a side note, on the Republican / Democrat, they are all run by the same group and they all prosper no matter which puppet is picked.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I'll have to read through some more of your stuff. If you want some interesting, related targets to look into, I'd love to hear about:

What is being planned for Texas and New Jersey in December 2012 by the DHS?

Will there be any major world events Nov 2012 to Jan 2013?

What is going on at the antarctic?

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Anonymous said...

I looked through your blog and I thought it was very interesting. You touched on a lot of subjects that we talk about in the advances Astrology class also.
I was very interested in the Denver Airport, chemtrails and Bermuda triangle ones especially as I am very into that stuff.
I was very impressed with your blog and I think its a very good way to get information out there.
I will definately follow it in the future.
The Obama stuff was very interesing too especially about him being a puppet. His "handler" is named zbigniew brzezinski and he was one of Obama's teachers in college and a member of Jimmy Carter's staff.

PsychicFocus said...

Per the previous comment, I Googled zbigniew brzezinski obama, the first result took me to this link. I was astounded that it said Obama was a puppet!

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