Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm going back to school in a couple weeks but so far nothing is going right. I will have to move 3.5 hrs away and am having all kinds of troubles, money issues, vehicle issues, etc. Do you see this move and school happening? Am I doing the right thing for my career path and future? Does auto body repair or diesel mechanics look promising for me? Much thanks. Brett Beshore. April 29, 1984.

9:06 PM - I will say that before you even got the question out, I immediately senses like car trouble.  I also see someone doing like crappy jobs that they do not really like trying to scrape up money and they are just really frustrated.  As a side note, I feel this person is a smoker and that I need to tell them to quit smoking.  I think it is going to be difficult  to get to this school but he will get their.  I do see him enrolled in an auto mechanic type field.  I think the program will come kinda easy to him, like he is a natural at it.  I think he might get a little frustrated with some of the tests but he will do ok.  What looks like the thing he will like the most are his friendships that he makes there.  Like I see a bunch of guys hanging out and that will be his favorite part of the program and is what is really going to get him through.  I am also getting the sense that when he is done, he might not even move back to where he is right now.  If he does not stay at the school in that city, I think he might live between where he is now and that city.  That is all I see.

Personal Note: Brett, keep your chin up, it might be rough getting there but once you do I think you will be happy and your will feel like it was really a good decision, and if you are a smoker quit smoking.  
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