Monday, August 6, 2012

I would like to know if Phuket, the Southern tourist island of Thailand, will be affected by the global floods in the coming future. If so, where exactly are the safe places on the island? And around when is the floods going to take place. Will my family be safe? I find your readings very accurate and true when I comparing them with other sources of similar news. May God ever keep you in high spirits for all the service that you do. Thank you.

7:44 PM - Well the first thing I see and I also kinda feel it, when I focus on that area it is almost like a swooshing feeling.  Swooshing to the North East.  Almost like as the North Pole shifts, it is going to be on a higher latitude.  Um, I initially feel like when that swooshing action happens, there might be a wave that actually goes across that whole island.  I do not think it will be deep, or like a really high wave, but I definitely feel like water is going to go over the island.  I do not know the elevation of the island, but the higher level areas, I think will be safe.  Because, I almost see as I view it, little pinpoints of dryness as this swooshing waves rushes over the island.  But then the strange thing is too, is that after this wave thing crosses over the island, it is almost like I can see the island breathing and getting larger, like it is gaining more surface area after this water is done sweeping over it.  And when it is also done, I also see this area going to be a fertile prosperous area.  It is like the dirt is really sandy, super dark, I see a lot of grassiness in it, like a lot of lushness. I think the climate is going to be between like 40 degrees in the Winter and Maybe like the 80's in the summer (Fahrenheit).  I just got a brief image of white metal chairs sitting on a porch, I do not know if that is their house now or where they are going to be living.  Then i just saw an image of an older man, wearing like a tan colored hat, with string tied beneath his chin.  He is wearing a shirt with Hawaiian print on it.  Um..I just saw the word and I do not know what this is it is B O R O S.  I do not know it was not said to me, I just saw it spelled out in caps.  Now I am getting a strong image of a military helicopter.  I do not know how all that relates, I am just getting these weird random images.  Now I am seeing like a city center, streets are red brick, there is a lot of little shops, there are a lot of people walking around.  A lot of the buildings are also brick that are the shops.  I am seeing a white church, also near this city center, and it has a huge a white steeple.  It feels very significant to this area..I will say I do not see any cars, I just see a lot of people walking.  I do not know if this is your town now, or this is the future appearance of your town.  Can you reread the question to me cause I feel I got so off track.
Q-Do you want me to just ask questions?
A-Yeah, go ahead cause I just feel I was all over the place?
Q-Where exactly are the safe places?
A-The points of the highest elevation, when i kinda mentally see a map of the area.   There is little tiny pinpoints of the highest elevation and those stay dry when this wave swooshes over.
Q-How many people die from the initial wave?
A-The numbers here is how they came to me 1 9 1 4
Q-One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fourteen?
A-I believe so.
Q-When are these floods going to take place?
A-..The only thing that I saw, is it showed me the moon is the smallest sliver of size, and the sky will get really dark.  It will have a slightly reddish undertone to the darkness in the sky.  And there will be a super thick cloud cover, but it looks like smoke.  At first people are going to think they are going to have a really bad storm.  but then it kinda goes from there.  I do not even think it ever rains, I see no rain with this at all.
Q-Can you focus on the calendar, like month.
A-As soon as you said that I instantly saw March.  My mind is stuck on, I am looking at March on the Calendar and my eyes are shifting between the 13th and 14th and I cannot fix on day.  My eyes keep bouncing between the two, almost like all the other days are grayed out.
Q-Which year is it?
A-..I hate implanting any kind of fear in people, it looks to me when I am focusing on it to be 2013, and like that date feels right to me.  3-13-13.
Q-Will all of his or her family be safe?
A-Yes, a my impression is that they will, I think they are going to lose some property, but when everything is done they are not going to care.  I actually see this guy, which I feel like is the person asking me the questions, he is standing with a woman and two small children, and I almost feel like maybe they are not his kids, but when all of this starts happening, he actually helps to rescue them, and get them out of harms way. My impression is I almost feel like they end up in a relationship.
Q-Does he know this person now?
A-Yes, I think he does, maybe he is in a relation ship with this person, but you feel they will be way stronger and way more connected after this happens.
Q-Can you describe this person making this request?
A-I think it is a guy, with short dark hair, I see facial hair, I cannot tell if goatee or full beard, pretty young maybe like 30s.  I think he is intelligent, I think he as an occupation uses his mind, but  he enjoys working with his hands.  For whatever reason I got an image of his feet, as if there is something about his toes, I feel like he will know what that means.  And that is kinda it.
8:13 PM. Link to Audio

Update:  After my reading my husband looked up a Future Map and I looks like this area may be safe.  He bought this map after previous readings.  I do not look at it but he consults it only after my reading to not taint the reading.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! You have been accurate about my appearance and my age - m almost 30 now and am bearded. Also about my hands: I love writing nd used to do alot of drawing when younger. But I still have no idea about my toes and no clue about the lady and two children. (Maybe with time things will make sense to me.) The church you noticed, I think it's the one on Phuket Town. I have no idea about BOROS currently and we do not have those chairs on the porch ( we have wooden ones).

But I have one more question if I may be so bold as to ask: could such a catastrophe be deviated or prevented in our locality or our whole island through power of prayer? My father is a man of deep faith and conviction and we have seen in our lives the workings of prayers. But curious as to your understanding and visions if prayers are powerful enough for such a magnitude as this? Especially supplication to the One, the Absolute?

Psychic Focus said...

I believe that the power of prayer puts your intentions into the universal knowledge / consciousness, and with enough prayer, I think amazing things can happen. I would still be cautious and make sound decisions and not rely solely on prayer. Listen to your inner self and do what you know is right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the answer :)