Thursday, August 9, 2012

I was wondering if you can tell me what you see happening to Chicago, IL in the next 6months - 1 year? Should my family and I leave before the end of the year? We live fairly close to downtown. My name is Max and I was born on 9/1/79

10:21 PM - In my mind right now I am seeing some civil unrest in the immediate downtown, It appears to be some kind of a demonstration that started out peaceful but got out of control.  I think it has something to do with the presidential election.  I can see people with their poster boards and they are throwing them to the side and running.  I also see, and I do not know how this is happening, but teargas cans are being dropped from the sky...the area that this is going to happen looks like some kind of capitol building but there some kind of park surrounding it, because this happens on a grassy lawn where this protest is.  I feel that Chicago itself will be OK, but you do not want to be involved in the protests, and you do not want to be near it because as it is being broken up, people are running like herds and people will get trampled.  I see people looking out of rather tall office buildings, like maybe 15 to 20 floors up, overlooking this protest as it happens, and they are safe.  I do not see a sense of fear, but at the same time they are completely engrossed in watching this activity and watching it being broken up.  Out of the blue, and I do not know why I got this, there is a gigantic blimp that flies over this area...I also got an image of right down town, there is like a ten block area that goes dark, like they lose their electric, but my impression is that it has something to flush out protesters, to limit their resources to try to drive them out.  The only other thing I am getting is a really strong impression that this is really related to the election, and to go deeper into that, I feel like Obama is going to win the election, the Republicans are probably going to put some type of spin on it, and it ends up creating some type of protest.  But for this guy personally, I feel he will be OK as long as he is not immediately downtown.  I would have a little bit of extra food and water to be safe, because I also feel like there is going to be some kind of curfew imposed, but once this protest is broken apart things will go back to normal.  I feel like this protest might last a couple weeks.  And that is pretty much all I got.
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. said...

And as it's 2 years later....nothing that you said happened. Tear gas dropping from the sky??!!!

Your "reading" was stupid. I have read many, MANY of your readings, and I have to say, you're not psychic. Most of what you are saying or "predicting" is common knowledge to those who read.

YourPsychicFocus said...

@?: I am sorry I didn't address you by your name, I see that you posted this anonymously. I appreciate your comments and feedback. I report what I see- maybe my timeline is off, or maybe what I get is symbolic of something else. I can fully respect that this site isn't the one the resonates well with you, and you may feel better getting your info elsewhere. Love and light be with you on your search.