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I know there is quite a bit of a stir about the end of the mayan calandar. I do not get jazzed about this but am wondering if the planetary alignment at the end of this year will bring about great change. I believe this is a surgance of people that are very much wanting change and can feel it at a baseline level. Do you foresee the magnetic polarities being affected by this planetary line up and if it could be the springboard for these changes?

8:24 PM - It is kinda weird I am getting an image, of first everything being lined up, and then from that I am looking at the earth specifically and I see everything in a line and and when that happens I see a shift, and then I see like a huge amount of water, or waves for I am zoomed out in space looking at the earth.  So in looking at that I think, Yes there is going to be some shifting of the polarity, and the first major identifiable thing we are going to see it havoc with our oceans, and they are going to be unstable.  It seems like this happens slowly, it is not like we wake up one day and all the stuff is happening, but we are going to definitely see an increase in frequency and severity of natural disasters, specifically water related, before the alignment and right after.  I am actually seeing it on a bell curve, where the alignment is at the top or the pinnacle point, and then it will start to fizzle out.  You can ask me questions now?
Q-What month is this to occur, the pinnacle?
A-I feel like it is February of next year, but I may be a week or two off but I feel February.
Q-What is source or cause of this change?  What do you see?
A-Well I see all these planets in a line, then I see our Earth at the end of the line, and our moon to the side and I am seeing like the waves you see on cartoon when there is magnet trying to pull something, and I am seeing thick heavy magnetic lines of flux being pointed at Earth coming from the other planets like they are pulling on us, then I see little thing lines of force coming from out moon and it is getting our rotation completely screwed up.  And then I got a strange image of like a globe, with two points on North and South Pole, the globe it is spinning really really fast on its axis, and then someone takes their finger and pinch the North and the South Poles at the same time and like smoke is coming off their fingers.   So my impression is that this gravitational pull has the same feeling or affect on the plant or earth.  Like it trying to halt it rotation, but it cannot because it is going to fast.  This is causing an interruption.
Q-To clarify, these outside alignment forces are slowing the spin or speeding up.
A-It looks like there were slowing them, like it was trying to slow it down.
Q-So they hands were like the brake.
A-They were the symbolism of the gravitational pull being shifted and trying to stop it.
Q-Will the length of a day remain 24 hrs?
A-I think it will get longer, but I do not know by how much.
Q-Is this permanent?
A-I am getting and image of the planets leaving their alignment, and then I see the Earth and the Sun lined up, and the Earth is slowly gaining its momentum back.  So I think that it will take a long time for it to go back to how it is, but I think eventually in what I am seeing, the Sun will speed the Earth back up with it's gravitational force on Earth.
Q-Is there anything significant going to happen on Dec 21st, 2012?
A-Hmm...That is strange..To answer the question I do NOT think anything significant will happen, but then I got an image of a guy who I think looks like Jesus, so there may be some religious thing going on that day, but I do not think any world ending or world changing event will happen that day.
Q-Do you see any massive global blackouts in the near future?
A-Hmm?..As soon as you said that I actually saw like a world map, and China looked black, so I do not know what is going on over there right now or in the future, but that is what I saw.
Q-Can you focus on a time frame for China's blackout, and duration?
A-It feel like the early part of 2013 and my impression is like 1 to 2 months.
Q-What causes it?
A-I am seeing some big enormous fires, I do not now what causes it, I do not know if it is major power plant and something happens to it, but I definitely see fire.  As a side note I am curious to know if there are any volcanoes around China both on land and in the sea.
Q-Do you think it is volcano related.
A-The image I got looked like fire was spewing out from the top of something, but I could not differentiate between it being a volcano or a big concrete cylinder or smoke stack.  It just made me think volcano.
Q-How many people die in China due to this blackout?
A-I see the number 5 very distinct.  But I cannot tell how many zeros follow it, because they are like grayed out and they keep shifting.  At least 5000, it is like the number digits keeps growing and shrinking and growing and shrinking, but it never goes less than 5000.
Q-What is your impression of that?
A-I think it may be possibly be 50,000 but I cannot see it.  Maybe 50,000 but a minimum of 5,000.
Q-Is this war related or natural disaster.
A-Natural disaster.
Q-Will there be a warning?
A-I do not think so.
Q-Again on December 21st, 2012, what was the significance to the Mayans or was it just the end of the calendar.
A-I feel like they were trying to pinpoint this planetary alignment, and then it just starts a new time.
Q-Did they live through this alignment in previous history, or how did they know about it?
A-I am seeing a big huge volcano erupting, and somehow that signified the start of it.
Q-What happened to the Mayans?
A-I feel like the came south to escape it and that is how they ended up where they were.  I do not know if they used to live north of where they are now but then migrated south to escape the volcano or whatever was happening.
Q-How do you feel about this reading?
A-I actually feel pretty good about it.  As a quick side note, I think possibly it was Mt. Saint Helen in the United States but they could see it for hundreds of miles not that lava got them, but they see plumes, maybe Yellowstone.  I am curious of the timelines of when it erupted.  That is all I got, but I want to check out China's volcanoes.  
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Update: China Volcanoes
I also just found this picture of some of China's Electrical system.  They may have a blackout due to bad wiring practices.

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