Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am quite impressed with this blog and could not stop myself from asking for a personal reading. I have been researching psychic abilities and the power of human consciousness for years now, and eventually started doing hypnosis, allowing people to view their past lives, contact their higher self etc. However, I have been unable to get hypnotised myself and it kinda drives me nuts :/ The reason I began doing this work in the first place is because 4 years ago I had a really mindblowing shamanic type of experience, that completely threw over my concepts of reality. My questions for now are: 1. Can you please describe the experience I had and tell me as much about it as possible (sorry, this may sound like a test, but I'm only trying to see how clear your vision is)? 2. Why was this experience initiated? What kind of information was passed? 3. Why can't i enter a hypnotic trance, whats blocking me and what can i do to stop it? 4. Should i continue with hypnosis work or is it something not really for me? My name is Anton, born 11.11.79 from parents Nina and Gennady in Moscow, Russia (now living in France). Thank you so very much in advance!!!

9:00 PM A-Well I am picturing um guy laying down, who I think is him, and there is an older gentleman kind of hovering over top of him, my impression is that the guy laying down, is ill, I feel like he wants help.  Someone has directed him to this holistic healer, I think when he went to the holistic healer, I can see the healer actually hovering his hands over this guy laying down.  It is almost like he is performing a body scan over him with his hands.  As I am watching him do it I can see,  like something in his abdomen is lighting up.  I can't tell, but I feel like that is the source of a lot of his aliments.  This part of his body is almost glowing.  And my impression is this healer is standing over his body, not only is he trying to determine what is not right,..It is like he is trying to assess the Chakras to determine what is complete vs not complete and the strength of each one.  And kinda a side note, i just now started to feel some pain in my chest on the left side, so I do not know if I misdiagnosed the area and I am being directed to the correct area, or if the is also an issue with that as well.  And it is definitely pretty strong.  And i think this healer actually used his hands, put them on his body or very close to his body, and through his higher level of thinking or mental energy he was able to transfer healing on to him.  I am seeing like a white light, and I think what he did was focus his energy in the form of a white light on to you, and through a process almost like a meditation he was able to make some significant change and make you better, or whoever this person is laying down if it is not you personally.  And I see the person that was laying down, they are now standing up and they have this like amazed and surprised reaction almost as if they went into this open minded, but not whole heartily believing. And then there was like an undeniable improvement and their overall physical health, which then went into their mental health.  And i feel like this experience was so enlightening and amazing for lack of a better word, that you chose to explore it further to see if you could tap into some type of ability like that for yourself.

I know you wanted to know why you cannot be hypnotized, but your able to hypnotize others, and I will say that at times, I have kinda experienced the same thing, and I will explain my situation to you to see if that helps.  Part of being hypnotized, you have to be able to completely relax.  One aspect of it is comfort, so I have not had an effective experience when I was not able to physically relax, and secondly, you have to be able to mentally relax.  You cannot think about you know, what you have going on, what you have to do that day, or even think about being hypnotized.  You really have to detach from that conscious part of your mind.  In the past when I have had unsuccessful sessions, it is when my conscious mind tries to seep over to the unconscious part of my mind and when that happens it is like it instantly ruined.  My advice, to work through this is to really practice meditating, and I find that towards the end of the day when I am tired, it seems to work better for me than in the morning when I am up and have a million things to accomplish that day.
Q-What kind of information was passed?
A-I did not see it as information, it was more of healing, I think he was physically healed which as a result strengthened his mental health as well, and then that led him on his spiritual growth path.
Q-Should he continue with hypnosis work?
A-If it makes him happy and he is helping people he should do it.
Q-Can you describe this individual physically?
A-I think he is tall and thin, I see dark hair.  From the side I think he has a larger nose. Big smile.  Long thin fingers.  I want to say slightly uncoordinated, like I see him kinda stumbling around, possibly he is accident prone.  I can see him laughing, I think he has a sense of humor.  I think he likes to wear hats.  That is kinda all I got.
9:23 PM Link to Audio
(Note in other readings, I sometimes sense the pain or sensation as a mirror image? Like we are facing one another and your left are is my right arm like in a mirror)


Anonymous said...

sorry, but none of this is close.
not ONE detail...

PsychicFocus said...

I apologize. It came to me rather clear, so I am not sure what vibe I was picking up on. I do wish you continued success on your spiritual journey.

Anonymous said...

its ok, not blaming you :)

PsychicFocus said...

I am really curious of what you experience was if you are ok with sharing. I always find this stuff inspiring and motivating.

I also appreciate the feedback because it helps me to develop and learn how to interpret my impressions more effectively. For some reason, I do find some people hard to read- my husband for example almost "blocks" people from entering his "vibe"- I don't know why or how that is. I do know that my husband does have trouble meditating / undergoing hypnosis too because he can't "shut out" his conscious mind.

I do help that meditation helps with your own personal hypnosis. I know for some people it is easy, but for some it is quite difficult. As I said in my reading, evening time works best for me (and many friends that I know too). I do wish you luck and don't stop your journey.

Anonymous said...

My experience was that of "remembering" myself.
Like when you dream and think its totally real, but once you wake up & you realize it was just a dream.

Same thing happened, except I was wide awake and "woke back up into a larger reality", which actually felt 10000 times more real than this life could ever be, and from which this entire world seemed like a tiny grain of sand.

It felt like time and space seized to exist, like I was a drop in the ocean, and the ocean itself at the same time, dissolusion of ego.

Some say I connected to what we call the "Source or God mind", from where we all (as souls) come in the first place.

A pretty cosmic experience :)

PsychicFocus said...

That is awesome!