Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am interested in knowing what it is that you receive for or about me, any information you pick up in general as you begin this reading. Then, what are you getting for me in regards to the next few years of my life. Possibly, any major happenings, me finding love, about family or career, I don't something along those lines. Thank you, I really appreciate it. Oh, and my name is Erin and my birthday is 10/17/1983.

I am seeing a little china doll with black hair, possibly she collects it maybe it was given to her by her mom.  Um...I am feeling a pain in the left side of my face like she had or is having some sinus problems.  I think she should go get her eyes checked, I think she may be having some issue with her left eye too.  I think she is trying to start living a little healthier of a life, I think she is trying to start exercising.  I think her hip is hurting her too because of her exercise, she will work past it and be fine,  She should not be discouraged by it.  I think she has a great grandma, I seen an older lady she is really old with curly gray hair she is wearing glasses, she has a sweater on and she is knitting.  I can't tell if is current or she has passed but I can tell you she is happy.  I think that she is going to be of some significance to her.  I also see a little girl on bike, she has dark hair, probably 5 or 6 years old, this might be her daughter or niece but she is close to her.  It feel maternal to me...I think her neighborhood has a lot of kids in it.  I think maybe a couple houses down from where she lives their is a basketball hoop and she is always kinda joking or laughing at the boy that play at it.....I can see her like at a bar with friends, but she is more like the responsible one and I think she ends up being the designated driver a lot...Like I see her friends talking to her but she is more like the rational one and is always trying to give advice.  She likes that role but it kinda burns her out too....I think she probably works in a medical field.  I see doctors in white coats walking around her but she is not actually wearing a white coat.  Maybe she is a nurse, but I am kinda leaning toward a medical assistant.  I think she kinda doubt if she is doing the right thing, but she likes the people there.  I think she is contemplating on getting more education on what she is doing, maybe staying in the same field but getting education to move up.  I see like a mom and a sister, I am feeling a lot of female influence.  I am seeing a guy like sitting back in a recliner, he is quiet and reserved, and I feel like that is her father figure.  I think she likes pets, I see a dog and a cat but I cannot tell if they are at her parents house of if they are actually hers.. And then I saw a beach ball being thrown in a swimming pool, but it looks like a swimming pool you would see at an apartment, so I leaning towards her living in an apartment or a condo, but she spends time at the pool.  That is kinda all I am getting can you read her question to see what else she was wanting to know.

Q-Any major happening in the next five years of her life?
A-Um. I just got and image of a brand new silver car...I just got and image of a bright red bikini possibly a vacation or a cruise..I see two older people holding hands with their left hands, and I see a major anniversary of someone close to her, I do not know if it is parents or and aunt, but someone like that, but it is going to be a big deal.  And as I zoom out and I see those older people I see Hawaiian Leigh around their neck, so maybe this has something to do with Hawaii.
Q-What about her finding love?
A-I think she probably already knows someone that she is interested in, I think she has seen him at work, not really talked to him, but seen him at work.  I think it is an outside, like a drug rep, or someone that comes into the office frequently.  But she actually is going to run into him out somewhere else, strike up a conversion, and things will go from there. And I think she knows who this is.  I feel like she might be in a relationship now or possibly got over one that was not good.  And when she would start talking with this guy she will be really cautious, but it also is going to be a breath of fresh air too.
Q-Is there anything else that she needs to know or a message someone has for her?
A-Let me think about it for a second......I am not getting anything else.

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