Sunday, August 5, 2012

How can Humans access the Sun as a Portal? I have experienced chanting from the Sun. Is Sun Gazing a good idea?

11:00 PM - It is like I see her sitting in a field, with her eyes closed, it is like she is meditating like she is doing yoga, and their something going on with her breathing almost like..she's breathing with the sun.  Like it feels like the sun actually has a breathing motion to it, and she's got her breath controlled to match it.  And it is giving her strength.  And now I am getting a picture of fire, like a camp fire, and I am seeing people sit around it, and they are holding hand in a circle, and it is like they are meditating together while staring at the fire, and they are pulling some kind of energy from that.  So after seeing all that play out in my mind.  I feel that if she wants to enhance her own skills, she should meditate with the sun, by herself, and really concentrate on the breath, the breathing is the main key.  But to take it a step further, practice with fire with a small group of people, while they in unison meditate and work on having the same breath patterns while they focus on the fire.  And that is kinda all I got.  If you want to ask me questions.
Q-So are you saying the portal is really a connection between people and the sun,
A-That is how I viewed it and that is how it played out in my mind.  And I see it as being a huge amount of energy gained from the sun.
Q-Is sun gazing a good idea assuming you protect your eyes?
A-If when you doing it you feel a spiritual connection and your uplifted, then yes you should do it.
Q-When is the best time?
A-Hmm..When you said that, I got a picture of when the sun is getting read to set and the moon is coming up, because I feel like you are going to pull residual energy from the moon too.
Q-Is there anything such as moon gazing?
A-Yes, I see it working exactly the same way.
Q-Does the moon have it own power, or just a reflector for the suns power.
A-The moon, is only reflecting the suns power, that is why it in my mind it seemed one in the same.
Q-Does the power come from visible spectrum light, or something else?
A-Hmm..It is something else, I do not know what the color is.  It showed me a blue wave and a white wave, but then also I got, a sound like a pfff, sound, like spitting a hair our of your mouth.   I am getting that sound from the sun.
Q-Is the puff sound from the sun and solar flare coronal mass ejection, or something else?
A-I think it is a consistent sound that it emits.
Q-So an actual sound, not a release of energy
A-Yes, right.  Or maybe that sound is a result of a constant release of energy, but I still feel there is sound. 11:15 PM

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, when I got the chanting I was focusing on my breathing and a line of light between Sun and Earth with me as connector. You gave me some great pointers about how to refine and improve this practice.