Friday, August 17, 2012

Hi there! What do you see in the near future for my country, I live in Brazil.

8:38 PM -  Hmm..I really do not see a whole lot going in with Brazil but I will tell you what I do see:  I think the coast is going to have the most change.  I see the waves getting bigger, I think the water is going to come inland maybe about 50 to 75 feet more than normal.  Economically the touristy spots on the water or close to the water are going to be most affected.  I see things being exceptionally hot there, I see an image of person sweating a lot.  The next thing I saw was a banana tree, and I do not know if YOU grow bananas or a the crop that Brazil grows is going to be affected by this extreme heat.  I also see a picture of a cigar, so if tobacco is something that is produced I see that as being affected as well.  I do not envision any kind of war or government unrest, I just see environmental changes starting to take place.  Aside from the coastline I think Brazil will be pretty safe.  
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