Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here's another possible artifact that you may find interesting. please refer to the instructions on page:

Here's another possible artifact that you may find interesting. please refer to the instructions on page:

Here is another possible artifact that we may have located.
Q-Do you get anything from the building?

The object is underground and we have its approximate description/ location.
Could you please describe: 
-exact location on provided map-global location (continent/ country/city/region)
-type/ shape/ material/ size-depth-surrounding matter (cavity/rock/sand etc)-provenance/ purpose-age-is it a single object or are there many?-does anybody know its there?

there is a building on the map pointed out with a question mark.
this building has a very specific purpose.
can you tell what this purpose is?
can you describe who lives in it and what kind of work they do?what else do you see/ sense?

A- Let me look at this picture for a minute...Alright...
Q-Describe the undeground object and where it is located.
A-It is on that map?
Q-Do you sense anything underground on this map.
A-To be honest I do not, I do not think there is anything underground on this map.  I am sure there is or he would not have asked me all those questions.  No I am not getting anything.
A-I think it might be a dairy farm because I am seeing cows,  I am sorry I am wasting your time, this just ain't working for me today...I think they might make cheese and butter...I mean possibly somewhere on this map there is an Indian burial ground.  It is probably signified by a mound of some sort...I think in the general vicinity they would find little arrows, clay pots, remnants of their life.  It is probably about 10 feet deep.  I do not see it encapsulated in anything.  I feel like it is probably on the bottom left on that map.  I think what happens is when I do not get it real easy I start beating myself up and it gets harder to do.

A-so read his questions to me again.
Q-Where is this place?
A-Well I first thought Canada, then I got the idea South America, and when I keep snapping in between the two of them, my mind stays with South America.  I believe it is in the North Part of South America.
Q-Country name?  - Let me bring up Google earth because I do not know the countries there.
A-Before you do that I kinda want to say Venezuela but I will check.  (Show her top of South America)
A-What are those two big ones there (countries)?
Q-Colombia and Venezuela.
A-I will stick with Venezuela.
Q-Where at in Venezuela
A-In this part (Amazonas)
Q-Do not think about Venezuela think about a city name.
A-The only thing I a getting is Abtech or Aztech.
Q-There is an Aztech in New Mexico.A-Why am i sucking so bad at this today?
Q-Hang over.  Maybe you will get more later.  Lets quit and do some tomorrow. 5:21 PM. Link to Audio

UPDATE: 8-13-2012, Upon waking up this morning, I got the sense that the above was a map of Iowa, Des Moines possibly.  The impression I got was why did this guy send me a picture of Des Moines Iowa, I still think it is a Diary farm, and I think the buried item/s are Indian related.

UPDATE: 8-13-2012 7:32 PM, Second try at remote viewing of picture.
I want to first say that I found this one really hard so I kinda feel like I am all over the place here, and I do not know why it is so hard to pick up on it.  I am feeling a very dual ache / pain in my right forearm, it kind of goes from my elbow to the tips of my fingers.  So I am going to start like this, stick to my gut about this being something that produces, farm that makes cheese butter or some kind of dairy products, but from this pain I am feeling in my forearm I can go two ways with that.  One, they do a lot of manual labor there or something that involves using your hands a lot, maybe some kind of additional craft like making baskets, I got an image of a basket in my mind.  Or the other way I could go with this is:  I have tried so many time trying to focus on this that possibly the person who sent this request through to me is having something going on with their arm, like carpel tunnel.  So that is all I have to say about that.

I am seeing an image of a swastika on top of this barn looking building, so I am kinda wondering if this has something to do with Germany.  I do not know if they are in the cheese or butter business much.  I am seeing an airplane fly overhead, like a small crop duster type.  I think it has a banner on the back of it.  It is white with red letters.  Damn if I could only read it... Now I am getting a picture of an older gentleman, he's got a scare on his upper lip, not sure how that ties in...I am getting an image of a bunch of old time war stuff.  Like way old fashioned cannons, now I keep seeing this damn airplane again.  I feel like it is teasing me because I cannot read what is on the back of it.  It is a white crop duster with a red stripe on the side.  Then my eye drew me to like around ba ha Mexico.  Then it snapped me right back over to Germany.  I feel like I might have part of a personal reading mixed in with what is going on here...I am starting to wonder if this artifact is not necessarily and artifact but maybe remnants of a war, because I keep seeing these old fashioned war pictures.  And then as I was thinking about those war pictures, a picture of Hitler came to mind, and I am wondering if there is either something of his, or related to him that you might have found in this area.  I am getting that ache in my arm and hand again and I feel like that is a clue.  That is kinda all I am getting.
Q-If I show you Germany on Google earth do you think it is there.
A-I do think it is in Germany, I can look at a map but I cannot guarantee that I can pinpoint it.  I really do not know just leave it at Germany. 7:51 PM on Aug 13, 2012 Link to Audio


Anonymous said...

If you guys do another session, please let us know. Othewise we'll give you the asnwers (hint, small part is correct, most - not :)

PsychicFocus said...

I don't know that I will get to it today. If you would like to share the answers, I am curious. I will say that for some reason I cannot get a strong connection with this one the way I did with the rocks. It is like I can't get into the "vibe" of this, and it isn't something I can force..

Anonymous said...

sure, I can give you the details.
in exchange for some additional information about the earlier post ;)

come on, you know you can do it if you try! ;))

Psychic Focus said...

Earlier post as in the first one I did where I got Alien skull underground buried by Indians, or earlier as in this "Dairy Farm". I will try.

Anonymous said...

either one..
or both... :)
I'll tell you ask after...

Psychic Focus said...

All right.. I gave a shot at both of them :-) I think my psychic mojo is depleted now. Thanks for the fun readings.

Anonymous said...

You were really close on the location. this is in Geneva, Switzerland.
The house is actually an observatory with cutting edge telescope gear in it.