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Hello I was wondering how the world will be changed after the earth events, civil unrest and economic problems? You have advised a few people about their future career, so it sounds like things will fairly go back to normal after the upheaval? Will our society and way of life change?

12:46 PM - Do you want to break that down for me?
Q-After the earth changes, will society go back to the same way a before, or will or way of life change?
A-The first thing I see when you read that question is a big flock of sheep.  But it has human faces on it.  And my impression is there will almost be a divide in society between the people that are like sheep and the free thinkers.  I feel like the government are going to take the people that are like sheep and keep them almost corralled together, because I see them like flocked together.  And the more free thinking people will go back to normal with some exceptions.  I see people trying to embrace things that do not necessarily require the technology that we currently have, for example, on the Mississippi river I am seeing like these old fashioned paddle boats and I just got and image of Tom Sawyer on his generic looking raft.  So I do think we will survive, I just think the way we live will be slightly modified, those that can embrace that change will do fine, those that can't will be the sheeple that will listen to the government and will have the government take care of them.  And I envisioning that Utah or Wyoming will be kinda where they will congregate these people that the government are taking care of.
Q-Do you see a split in our government, how are the free thinkers managed or are they?
A-My impression is that it is a situation where the government feels no threat by the people that are labeled as sheep, but they are scared to death of the free thinker people, they keep a close eye on the free thinkers, but they are very intimidated by them.  And the government still exists but they try not to make waves with the free thinkers for fear of a civil war.
Q-When do you see this transition beginning?
A-I see Obama and my impression is it is the middle of his next term.
Q-Will there be bloodshed during this transition phase?
A-I do not see that, I see the sheeple going willingly.
Q-What is the percentage of sheep vs thinkers?
A-I just saw the number 30 and the 70, So I think it is 30 sheep to 70 thinkers.
Q-So the majority is thinkers?
A-Yes, or at least open to embrace the new change.  It is the people who cannot take care of themselves or accept the new change will be the ones herded away.
Q-When herded, where do they stay.
A-I would not call it a camp because it seems like a nice place, it is more like little villages in Utah and Wyoming out there like that.
Q-I guess I am unclear of a village, can you describe one?
A-It is just like normal city, but the government supplies the food the clean water.  Like the welfare system.
Q-What do the people do?
A-They look like they do government jobs, like combinations of politicians, lawyers, military, they serve the government in exchange for being taken care of.
Q-What happens to our current welfare / nanny populations, example does welfare still exist?
A-I am not saying that it does not exist, but I do not see it occurring, it feels more like a fend for yourself type of nation.
Q-Can you see what triggers this change?
A-Well the first thing I see is the gradual flooding of California, I also can see on a map a lot of hurricane activity in the gulf.  I am also seeing the coastline on the east flooding and when things start to change something will happen that the government kinda knew about this and expected it, and the people get pissed off and the government gets scared because they do not want to get overthrown by the people, so they loosen up on the people and that is how the free thinkers are allowed to thrive and the people that cannot take care of themselves get shipped off to this villages to get government jobs.   And I actually feel out west it is almost like the new Washington DC.  Like I feel like the whole central government will be operating out of the Midwest.
Q-Do you see the economy collapsing or transitioning?
A-Here is what I see, people are still using money, however, I also see people trading with gold and silver, but the highest form is a barter system that people will start.  That is like the number one in the hierarchy of things.  Number one is bartering, number two is gold and silver, and number 3 is american dollar.
Q-Is this occur worldwide or just in the U.S.?
A-I just an image of gold coins so I think in general people are trying to get back to the value of gold.
Q-Again worldwide?
Q-Do bank still exist on every corner?
A-I do not see that.  In fact I am getting a visual of a bank, made out of stone blocks and it is called like the "US BANK" on the front, and my impression is that a lot of these goofy banks might eventually close up and we will just have A bank a US bank.
Q-What about stock market and financial institutions?
A-I am seeing someone, and I am just seeing their hand, in their hand they are holding like a passbook or savings account book, but it says stocks on the book, and when they open up their book, it looks like it has stickers on it, and they have a stamp mark on the stickers, and my impression from that is that stocks are going to go back to when you buy it you will actually hold it in your hand, like each stock that you buy is represented on like these stickers with these stamps on them to verify that you own it, and it will be yours in your possession and like this false electronic thing is slowly going to cease to exist and I feel like that was brought about by some people really getting burnt by something in this false stock market.
Q-Do you see a specific time in which people should exist this market?  Date, Month, or Year?
A-I am getting 2014, and I feel like it is early in 2014, like the first quarter.
Q-If you to recommend items to help with this transition what would your top three be?
A-You mean stuff to buy?
Q-Seeing the future, what is most valuable in descending order?
A-Well I got a picture of was a "Silver Cup" so I would say gold and silver.  And the 2nd thing that I got was a picture of a shovel, so possibly tools will be another important thing.  And that is all I saw.  Wait I did get a third thing too:  It was a picture of Charles Ingalls boots, so possibly literally leather boots are valuable or the know how to make leather goods would be valuable.
Q-You said silver is number one, the price is now 27.00 and ounce, what is the US dollar value in 2014?
A-Well the picture that I am getting is to buy this silver cup that looks like the size of a coffee mug, is equal to a stock of one dollar bills that looks about 3 inches deep.

Q-Can you focus and the amount in the stack?
A-It looks like I can see six of the white bands from the bank, so whatever that is.
Q-A quick Google search shows there are 223 bills in and inch, so using that number it would be $223*3 inchs = $669
A-I only saw 6 bands so maybe my number was off, I do not know they number they band them with.
Q-A quick Google search states there are $100 1$ bills in a band, so that would be $600 so very similar to 3 " stack
Q-Does the money stay the same or is a new US dollar come into existence?
A-It looks the same.
Q-When do you see silver increasing in price?  Month / Year ?
A-I am just getting early in 2014.
Q-Do you see any type of firearm control measure being implemented between then and now?
A-I will say the only guns I see people holding are hand guns and shotgun type things, I do not see anybody holding anything that looks like a military type of weapon.
Q-Where are all these military type of guns?
A-It looks like a huge cement bunker somewhere underground.
Q-Are the confiscated or given peacefully?
A-I do not know, but back to the bunker it has got like a concrete lid that is enormous, but it can slide on and off, and on top of the lid, there is some kind of a seal engraved in it, and it looks like a big huge sun.
Q-What is your impression?
A-I do not know, I think they are hidden in a state, whichever state has a sun as their flag or seal or whatever.
Q-Again, are they confiscated or turned in peacefully?
A-My impression is that they made some kind of a deal, like you can keep your hand guns and shotguns, but we are keeping the military type weapons, and the people were surprisingly OK with that.
Q-Even the free thinkers?
A-Shockingly yes, I think the government put a high price on them and paid for them.
Q-So they sold them back to the government?
A-Yes, but part of the deal is the other guns (hand guns and shotguns) will never be touched.
Q-Does the government retain military type arms?
A-I think yes.
Q-How does the world view this change in the US.
A-Well the first thing that I get is that I am hearing communist and socialist, but let me explain it deeper.  My impression is that other countries almost look at it like it is a big joke, because here is the country that promotes democracy and tried to shove their democracy on everyone else, but in the end, they are operating in almost a communist or socialist way themselves now and it is almost like hypocritical.  I also feel that they are compassionate towards the citizen, but this gives them even more dislike for our government.Q-Is there anything else?A-No.  1:44 PMLink to this sessions Audio :
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Q-Will cars, planes and computers still be available to the free thinkers in the future? If not how will people travel and communicate?
6:24 PM A-I do see cars, and I do see planes, but I see it being stuff that can be worked on by people, for example the engines are mechanical and not electronic.  I have a visual of a small cog and larger cog with a belt interconnecting the two.  I think a lot of things are going to be belt driven.  I do not really see a lot of computers, it does not mean they are not there, I am just not seeing it.  People will still travel by cars planes but stuff will be mechanical vs electrical.  I can see a 1960s looking car, what I am seeing a very simple engines.  As far planes they look the way that they do now, the difference is that I see the pilots flying the planes and not just hitting buttons and the planes flying themselves.  I do NOT see any of those giagantic planes as far a the double deckers like that, I think the biggest ones will have an aisle down the middle with 3 seats down each side.
Q-Where has all the computers and electronics gone?
A-I am getting an image of the sun, my impression is the intensity of the sun is interfering with the way a lot of wireless devices are working, so hardwired computer items seem to work the same, but wireless has problems.  I am getting an image of nighttime so I am getting the impression that wireless works better at night than during the day but it still is not 100%.  So I think those items still exist but they are just not as reliable as they are today.
Q-Does the sun destroy and devices?
A-It just interrupts the signal.
Q-How does communication take place?
A-I see telephone lines, so hardwired communications is going to be your number one source.
Q-What about television, satellites, and GPS?
A-Like I said hardwired will be your reliable source so cable will work much better than a satellite.  The satellites and GPS and all that stuff will work better at night than during the day but it will only be 50/50 it depends on the day.
Q-Will this intensity from the sun interfere with the electrical grid?
A-I do not think it will.  I will say there is something with the electric though, I think you might be rationed on how much electric you are allowed to pull, and during certain times of high intensity from the sun you might be forced to reduce your pull of electric.  6:42 PM


Anonymous said...

I believe you're onto something here especially since billionaires have started to pull their us stocks out bc they know something were not bring told. Do you have a year and month when wireless will be affected? As well as when free thinkers will separate from government?

Psychic Focus said...

I see a lot of anger build up by the end of this year... I also see some radical change regarding the separation of the free thinkers in early 2015. I can't get a clear image of the date wireless situation but I do get the number "3" which I interpret as years.